Nimbus Tote for iPad

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nimbus toteThe Nimbus Tote from Totes for Devices, LLC has a clear plastic sleeve on the outside that functions as a “play-through” case and display for your iPad.  The 16-gauge vinyl protects your iPad, and the padded bag functions as a stand.  You can stand it up on a table for watching videos, lay it flat for typing, hang it around your neck for personal viewing, or use it like a “billboard at trade shows or sporting events”.  The Nimbus Tote has two zippered compartments that can be used for other gear, and you can even fit your iPad into the center zippered section when it’s not in use.  The bag is made of black faux suede and automotive/marine grade clear vinyl.  The Nimbus Tote is available in the US only for $49.95, shipping included.

4 thoughts on “Nimbus Tote for iPad”

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  2. This looks like a terrible idea. The first table-corner that you bump into could spell the end of your iPad’s lovely screen. Plus, it looks tacky and cheap, despite the price.

  3. Janet Cloninger

    I got the idea that the plastic sleeve was for when you were actively using the iPad so that the carry bag becomes your stand. If you did carry it in the plastic sleeve, it does seem like you might be advertising to haters and to thieves – not to mention a broken screen waiting to happen.

  4. Looks like a great idea and unique to the market. No overheating as the Ipad does not get hot, but you wouldn’t know unless you owned one – duh. This looks to protect more than the conventional cases that offer a little rubber or plastic around the corners. Very cool!!

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