Victorinox Dual Pro X Knife Review

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victorinox dualprox 4In my opinion, you can’t really call yourself a true gadgeteer unless you have at least one Swiss Army knife somewhere in your arsenal of tools. The company that has brought us the iconic Red sided multi-bladed pocket knife has recently added a new model to their Victorinox Grip Series of knives. It’s the Dual Pro X pocket knife.

victorinox dualprox 1

Modeled after their popular Soldier Knife, the Dual Pro X is 4 3/8 inch (111 mm) when closed.

victorinox dualprox 2

The Red handles are still there, but they now have Black accents and a better grip than the classic shiny Red plastic handles.

victorinox dualprox 3

This knife has 6 separate blades including 3 that lock securely in in the open position.

victorinox dualprox 9

To close a locked blade you have to press the lock release as you fold the blade closed. It takes two hands to do this.

Here’s a list of the tools:

One-Hand Locking Blade
One-Hand Serrated Locking Seat Belt Cutter
Phillips Screwdriver
Can Opener with
-Small Screwdriver
Bottle Opener with
-Large Locking Screwdriver
-Wire Stripper
Key Ring

The Dual Pro X is a tough knife that can handle a lot of tasks both outdoors and indoors. I wanted to put my Dual Pro X to the test, so I took it outside to do a little creative whittling. Click the images below to see a larger view of my handy work.

victorinox dualprox 5 victorinox dualprox 6 victorinox dualprox 7

What do you think? Ok, just kidding… Good old Mother Nature decided to bless one of the 50-60ft tall Poplar trees in my back yard with a direct lightning strike last week. According to a neighbor, it sounded like a bomb had exploded. It sent chunks of wood from the back yard where the tree stands, to the front yard.

victorinox dualprox 8

Here’s one of those chunks… I decided to try a little chip carving on it. It’s supposed to say HELLO… I don’t think I’ll quit my day job to become a wood carver anytime soon 😉

Whether it’s whittling, fishing, camping or tightening a screw on the back of your computer tower, the Victorinox Dual Pro X knife can handle it. It’s made well and is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.

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11 thoughts on “Victorinox Dual Pro X Knife Review”

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  2. Well, I guess this makes me a true “gadgeteer” then as I always carry two Swiss Army items on me at all times. Now reading this, looking at the knife, maybe time for three? 🙂

  3. Only a large Phillips screwdriver and no scissors? Meh.

    I’ve owned dozens of Swiss army knives and multi tools; currently I carry both a Buck knife and a Victorinox Rambler (the perfect combination of size and utility… I love this knife). I also keep a leatherman in my car and in my bicycle bag.

    FYI, Amazon has a $10 off $50 deal on some Victorinox knives (I ordered three Ramblers as stocking stuffers for $40.04 shipped).

  4. I’ve owned dozens of Swiss army knives and multi tools; currently I carry both a Buck knife and a Victorinox Rambler (the perfect combination of size and utility… I love this knife). I also keep a leatherman in my car and in my bicycle bag.

  5. Funny that Julie mentioned about being true gadgeteer. Years ago, after reading one of her posts reviewing the Swissmemory USB knife (see link below), I still have the original 64MB with me. The knife is still sharp. I also own a couple of other knives and learned to love the bright red color at least for one thing: it is easier to spot when dropped in the dark (under the desk, in the car, …) Seeing this knife really tempts me to become “double gadgeteer” 🙂

  6. The Victorinox Dual – Pro X Knife is intended for professionals and others should not expect to operate it as easily as one who is adept with tools. Also for those who expect toothpicks and tweezers can acquire alternate models that have these items. For those of us that are professionals and require a robust, paired down, brass tack knife this one fits the bill. A true pro requires less and not more to perform numerous tasks and the robust simplicity of this model is excellent. Less stuff means more, and one needs to learn more about themselves and their abilities before commenting on its lack of tweezers, toothpick or scissors. It states their inabilities rather than this knife.

  7. With the addition of the window-breaker of the Victorinox Rescue Tool, the Dual Pro X would be the perfect knife for parachuters and military pilots. Braking windows and cutting ropes and belts is very important for pilots leaving a plane crashed, jumping from the plane for survival or even in some kind of ejections. Parachuters must have a knife to cut the belts when they land, but also inside the plane for security when belts and ropes get mixed-up at the jumping door or while falling. Therefore military pilots and parachuters are all forced to carry in their overalls a tool to cut rope and belts. This knife could be such a tool. Besides, the knife would be very good as survival knife for pilots and parachuters in the ground. The serrated belt-cutter works well as a saw too. Change the red scales for the grey scales of the Victorinox OH Master RT, which is the color of many Air Forces of the world, and they will buy the knife like shot.

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