A water bottle for the 21st Century!

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swiggiesAs a long distance runner, I always take a drink out with me when running, especially as I know that I should be well hydrated before, during and afterwards.  I’ve tried many different types of drinks bottles, from straight forward sports bottles, to the more specially designed running varieties.  However, regardless of which bottle I use, after a few miles into my run, I always end up switching the bottle constantly between my hands. This is where Swiggies drinks bottles are just that little bit different!

Each bottle has an elastic strap which allows it to be worn on your wrist, thus eliminating the need to carry a water bottle in your hand.  They can be worn either under or over your clothes, however if they’re filled with icy cold water, Swiggies can cool your wrists, thus helping to prevent overheating.

The initial design of Swiggies was aimed more at runners, but as they’re extremely versatile they can be used in a wide variety of sports and activities, such as:

  • Walking
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Gardening
  • Sailing
  • Or even in hospitals (for example, when the patient is unable to grasp a bottle)

Each bottle, produced using FDA approved, food grade, BPA-free plastic can hold 200ml of water (or your favourite drink) so you can be sure that you remain hydrated throughout your activity.   Plus, they’re also freezable and dishwasher safe.

For a pair of Swiggies, prices start from £12.65 ($18.50 approx) and include delivery.

10 thoughts on “A water bottle for the 21st Century!”

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  2. Cool idea…and not only do they provide you with fluids, they also add an extra upper body workout.

    Though I wonder if they will end up chafing the skin if work too long.o.

  3. James – do you happen to know if the plastic is the hard kind of plastic or the mushy kind? I’d think that the mushy kind would be more comfortable.
    Neat, in any event.

  4. @Mark – The elastic appears to be quite thick, so I think this might be rather comfortable to wear, even for long periods. I guess you could always wear it over clothes, or even a sweatband for extra padding/protection.

    @Cobin – Good question! I asked this via their Twitter feed (@SwiggiesukEurop) and it’s a firmer plastic. They’ve not had any issues with using this type and again, they’ve said a sweatband can be worn to provide extra padding when in use. Hope that helps! 🙂

  5. 200 ml each is too small for me. I can suck down 750 ml in an hour. I need a Camelback type of water bottle. Their site does show a good use, however, which is while lying in bed incapacitated:
    Nice to see such an innovative water bottle.

  6. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve been using a running belt for quite some time. One belt holds two small bottles and another holds four (for runs of 10+ miles). I like the concept behind this one (especially the cooling factor as my body overheats easily in anything above 65 degrees).

  7. @John – Yes indeed… the use of the bottles in hospitals, especially for those that are unable to grasp a bottle is a great idea. I believe there are a few health authorities in the UK who are trialling the bottles as we speak.

    @Esktor – I do like the idea that the bottles are flush with your wrists, hence they can help to keep your body heat lower.

  8. I am a longer distance runner and don’t like carrying bottles with me as it makes me hunch my shoulders causing other problems , I do use bumbags , but this seems to be such a simple idea , can’t wait to receive my order and start using them , I actualy don’t drink a lot when I’m running, I just like to lubricate the lining of the mouth , so I have gone for the smaller ones , just waiting on the postie now xx

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