Keep your Bluetooth headset handy with the BlueKlip

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The BlueKlip is a simple accessory that sticks on your car’s dash, your mobile phone’s case or any other handy location. Its purpose is to hold your Bluetooth headset when you’re not using it. The$6.99 price seems pretty reasonable considering you get 2.

3 thoughts on “Keep your Bluetooth headset handy with the BlueKlip”

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  2. Robert Grenader

    This thing is cool! There’s really no good, easily accessable storage “nooks” in my Lexus HS250H, and a suicidal Plantronics 520 headset left in the door “pull” handle convinced me of the errors of placing something there.

    The BlueKlip, at $6 for 2 is a great deal.

  3. Lost my 2nd headset. In my car, blueklip keeps it in place whenever I want to use it and not on the floor… $6 for 2, one motorola bluetooth $29.00… I don’t want motorola gets rich. Try out then you’ll like it!

  4. Sadly I’ve put my iphone blouetooth headset through the washer and dryer two times. The first time it worked the second time it was a no go. My problem was I didn’t have a place to put my headset and stupidly forget the headset in my jeans pocket. After getting my iphone headset replaced I combined the blueklip found at with my cased and now I have a place for it so, I don’t forget it in my pocket or when I run out and am on the road. Thanks BlueKlip!

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