Just another reason….

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….to consider an iPad.

I travel quite a bit for my day job, not as much as some but definitely more than most. Let’s face it, 99% of the time going through security is a hassle; removing your shoes, small amounts of liquids in a plastic bag, no water bottles, laptop out of your bag in its own gray bin, etc. In an incredibly swift decision (a rare occurrence in the Federal government), US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that Apple’s iPad is security-friendly. Unlike your laptop, your iPad is allowed to remain in its briefcase/sleeve/portfolio as it pass through the X-ray machine.

It might take a while for this guidance to trickle down to all of the rank & file TSA agents. So, you may still be asked to remove your iPad from its bag. But if this decision stands the test of time (who knows TSA can always change their minds), it will be nice to have one less logistic to worry about while slugging your way through the airport.

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  2. Nice… but I’ll be darned if I let the whims of TSA dictate what I buy. Dammit TSA, you have good intentions but you have some of the stupidest policies ever ! Except for this one, that is.

  3. All those ridiculous security rules made me decide to avoid traveling bij airplane as much as possible. Business flight can’t be avoided, but my private trips and holidays have been by car for the last three years. And I intend to keep it that way.

    Great that you don’t have to remove an iPad from the sleeve/casing, but you still have to stand for 30-60 minutes shoe-less, removing anything remotely metallic from your clothing/nody, waiting between smelly people and crying childer, to be ultimately “declared innocent” from a potential crime of which every air traveler is implicitly accused by default.

  4. Apparently, netbooks can also remain in their bags. Anything smaller than a standard sized laptop ( Whatever that means. Leave it to TSA to make policies that are vague and subject to interpretation ) may be left in the bag.

  5. After two trips with my iPad it’s not quite so simple. TSA doesn’t require removal of the iPad to check the iPad, but in both cases they asked me to remove it so they could see the rest of items in the bag that the iPad was blocking..

  6. @phil28 thank you for your real world experience. I have not traveled with my iPad yet. But will be in a week or so. I am interested to see what TSA does….

  7. @chriszzz

    On both international and internal US flights I have had to take my netbook out of my bag [was able to keep it in it’s neoprene form-fitting sleeve].

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