IDAPT Universal Multi-Charger Review

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idapt i3 11

I tend to recharge my cell phones over night, whether I really need to or not.  I charge everything on my desk, which happens to double as a nightstand.  As you can imagine, this gets pretty cluttered pretty fast, once you add bluetooth headsets and other gadgets.

In an effort to combat this cable clutter, IDAPT has devised a clever two and three station desktop charger.  The aptly named I2 charges two devices, and the I3 does three.  Much cleaner looking than the jungle of wires and wall warts.  Comes in Black, White, Silver or Pink.  Thankfully (for me) I received the Black one.
idapt i3 01

idapt i3 02
The side of the box shows the tips you're getting.
idapt i3 03
Adapters, IDAPT and power cable
idapt i3 04
Some of the tips. Note the contact points on the rear.
idapt i3 05
Side view of the IDAPT I3
idapt i3 06
Rear of the IDAPT I3
idapt i3 07
To insert adaptor tip, simply push in. To remove, press release buttons.
idapt i3 08
Each adapter can pivot slightly one way...
idapt i3 09
...and the other

What sets this device apart from others is the interchangable plugs.  Your new gizmo takes a mini USB and not a micro USB?  No problem.  Just swap them out, or mix and match.

The IDAPT models come with an assortment of tips out of the box.  The I3 model I evaluated came with a bunch, cleverly displayed on the side of the box.  You can buy additional or different tips from the IDAPT website.

I lucked out.  The three kind of devices I’d charge up the most often would be for the iPod/iPhone, micro USB, and mini USB.

idapt i3 10

One minor “gotcha” is that the tips are not reversible.  The Blackberry Pearl (above) lucks out.  The screen faces forward.  But other devices, such as the Sprint/Verizon MiFi, ends up sitting “backwards” so the charging light faces backwards.  Not a dealbreaker, but worth mentioning.

I was curious about the current capacity of the IDAPT.  I was told that “each of the 3 points of charge with tips can supply separately up to 870 mA, whereas the USB port can supply 1000 mA.  The effectivity of the charger is the same no matter  if you charge 1 or 4 devices at the same time.”

Overall, the IDAPT is a clever way to reduce charger clutter.  This now has a permanent place on my nightstand.


Product Information

Price:39.95 € for the I3 (shown), 29.95 € for the I2
  • Reduces charger and cable clutter
  • Modular design allows device flexibility
  • 50/50 chance that tips like the mini/micro USB ones may position your device backwards

6 thoughts on “IDAPT Universal Multi-Charger Review”

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  2. I looks like the device being charged is supported only by the charging tip. Would it be easy to bump the device, damage it and the charging tip?

  3. Maybe. The taller and heavier the device, the easier it’ll probably be.

    Fortunately, the tip module does pivot a little bit.

  4. IMHO, this looks too risky. A careless person or a playful kid could, with one unintentional shove, break connectors of several devices at one go. If the connectors could tilt *alot*, say, up to 45-60 degrees, then it might be safer. But still, I’ll be uncomfortable to put my tall gadgets like my HTC Touch HD and iPod on it.

  5. I use this ever since I got my Nexus1. The cradle at the time had not been released at yet so I opted to go this route. My wife has a Sony Ericsson W580, I have the N1 and I have a iTouch to charge up. Or I can interchange it to power up my PSP if I wanted. All in all a great stand for reducing clutter.

    As for the “danger” factor of the tip breaking or damaging a device. I have thought of it, but I have my base high enough that my 19 month old daughter cannot reach. There is not much traffic around my dresser drawer so I am confident the devices will be fine.

    Credit to the reviewer though, I never tested out the pivot feature! LOL I gotta go and look after this!

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