SuperTalent 32GB Pico USB Flash Drive Review

SuperTalent-Pico-USB-1 USB flash drives have been around for awhile now.  They come in many shapes, sizes, and capacities.  Like most gadgeteers we love our USB flash drives to have a beautiful shape, small size, and of course large capacity.  That’s where SuperTalent’s 32GB Pico USB flash drive comes in.

SuperTalent’s Pico line of USB flash drives comes in 5 different designs:

• PICO-A: Swivel
• PICO-B: Retractable
• PICO-C: Capless; rugged
* This model also comes in Nickel plating
* Special Limited Edition: 24k gold plated PICO-C
• PICO-D: Swivel
• PICO-E: Sliding Lid


I’ll be reviewing the Pico-C design here.  It came in a pretty large box for such a small USB flash drive.  It also came with one of those 1 inch phone strings and a plastic charm.

Features of the Pico line:

• Weight less than 6g
• Up to 30MB/s (200X) data transfer rate
• Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
• Water resistant
• Powered by USB bus – no external power is required
• Durable solid-state storage – 10 years data retention
• Hot Plug & Play – enable you to install and uninstall Pico anytime
• Supports ReadyBoost™

SuperTalent-Pico-USB-3 SuperTalent-Pico-USB-4

What’s really amazing is the amount of capacity squeezed into such a small frame.  It’s so small that I’m always afraid that I’ll lose it.  But it’s very durable and water resistant because of the laminated USB contacts and sealed in design of the drive.

Transfer rates are pretty good.  Filling it up with 32GB worth of video files took only 30 minutes.  That’s significantly faster than my 32GB Flash Voyager (pictured above) which took 3 hours for the same files.  So the 200x transfer rate does make a huge difference!


It’s a great deal considering it only costs $79.99 at


Product Information

  • Tiny
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast transfer rates
  • Water resistant
  • none

3 thoughts on “SuperTalent 32GB Pico USB Flash Drive Review”

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  2. It’s got to be sad that I’ve been “shopping” for either a large USB or external harddrive for about a year now. Talk about indecisive.

    This is cool though.

  3. @Corinne – I think I have way too many flash drives. Personally I really like this small pico drive compared to the many others I have. Price is pretty good. Give it a try.

  4. I love the Super Talent Pico drives, they work really well with netbooks but a word of warning is they don’t always plug properly in all systems. So you may have to insert and slowly pull them out before you get a good connection, depending on high tight your USB ports are.

    But that’s a physical problem, while the drives themselves work really well. I’ve even installed one internally to serve as the D: Drive for my niece’s netbook and she has never had a performance problem.

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