Boost Mobile now offering the SANYO Incognito

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boost mobile e1265820530743This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

In January during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Boost Mobile announced their new $50 monthly unlimited plan including unlimited talk, text, web and best of all, no contracts. As someone that has had a love / hate (mostly hate) relationship with AT&T, my ears always perk up when I hear the words “unlimited” and “no contract”. Boost uses Sprint’s nationwide CDMA network, taking advantage of 3G. So far, only a few handsets are available for this plan, including the SANYO Incognito.

sanyo incognito

Hardware Specs

Network: CDMA
Display: 2.6″ diagonal, 320 x 240 pixels, TFT
Internal Memory: 60mb
Expandable Memory: microSD
Dimensions: 4.20 x 2.20 x 0.70 inches
Weight: 4.23 oz
Bluetooth: v2.0+EDR

The SANYO Incognito SCP6760 is a horizontal clamshell phone with a roomy QWERTY keyboard. It also has a 2MP camera with a VGA camcorder capable of recording video at a resolution of 176 x 144 pixels. Other features include a music player, video player, GPS, as well as enhanced web browsing. The exterior of the phone has a mirror finish with a glow-thru external display that has a touch-sensitive keypad with haptic feedback, allowing you to control phone functions without opening the QWERTY keyboard.

Friends and families can stay connected via their favorite social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. They can also keep in touch with unlimited SMS messages as well as share content using unlimited MMS messages (Picture & Video).

The price for this phone might seem a little high at $129.99, but the big deal is that it does not require a 2 year contract. I’ve not had the opportunity to try Boost Mobile myself, but I can definitely see how a $50 monthly unlimited plan would be really attractive. My iPhone 3GS from AT&T is costing me $80 a month for only 450 minutes and 200 text messages and I’m stuck with them for another year and a half. If I was just starting out with my first phone, I would definitely consider a no contract unlimited plan like this one from Boost Mobile.

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25 thoughts on “Boost Mobile now offering the SANYO Incognito”

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  2. I just saw this past weekend in a Best Buy newspaper flier that Boost Mobile will soon be carrying the BlackBerry Curve 8330 (however I think the monthly is $60 on that). Boost’s hardware appears to be getting better and their monthly prices are nothing to sneeze at. Add in the fact that it’s no contract and that’s starting to look pretty attractive, though I couldn’t give up my iPhone (at least not yet). Could this be a sign of things to come in the mobile world?

    1. @Andy I sure hope it’s a sign of things to come. AT&T and Verizon’s unlimited plans are insane. Even though I write off my plan as a business expense, I still don’t pay for unlimited because it’s just too expensive.

  3. I hear you. My wife and I love our iPhones, but AT$T’s coverage (both voice and 3G) is pretty poor for what we are paying per month. :-/

    1. Not to mention the fact that when I re-upped to the 3GS, I lost my free text messages and had to pay for that and for 3G service that we don’t even have here in my town.

  4. Boost Mobile has so far announced a total of six CDMA phones: the three old ones (Motorola C290, W385, KRZR) and the three new ones announced this past CES. One more thing: you don’t have to get the “unlimited” plan, you can pay per minute instead, which makes it very attractive for a backup phone.

    Note that coverage isn’t quite the same as Sprint, because roaming (onto Verizon’s network) is disabled.

  5. Boost has actually had a $50 unlimited plan for a while, but only on the Nextel network. The addition of CDMA and some nicer phones should be a very welcome one, especially for data and messaging. However, if you’re shopping for a Boost phone, look carefully to make sure you’re getting the network you want, because they do still have iDEN hardware as well. (There are still some reasons to use Nextel — better rural coverage in some areas, and push-to-talk. It’s still pretty popular where I live for both of those reasons, but your mileage will probably vary.)

    There’s a lot of competition in the “affordable no contract plan” market now — between Boost, Virgin (also Sprint network), Straight Talk (Verizon network), and T-Mobile’s new Even More Plus plans, it is really starting to look like a bad idea to sign a contract unless you want exclusive hardware such as an iPhone, Palm Pre, etc. If I didn’t have a nice GSM phone (or two, or four, or ten… lots of choices down here at Gadgeteer Southeast 🙂 already, I would definitely pick up the Boost Blackberry…

  6. We have similar deals in the UK, but the phones do not come with the plans, you get the sim card only, and you either buy a handset or use your existing one.

    So am I to believe that in the US you have to pay extra to use 3G? In the UK if your phone is a 3G phone you just use 3G no extra cost.(mobile companies just give out 3G sim cards instead of the old 2G ones to all even if your not taking a 3G phone) If the 3G network is no good it just reverts to 2G until the coverage allows.

  7. Yes this phone works with the 50. plan i just purchased mine 2 days ago and i love it, it was hard to learn how it worked but eventually i got it. wut im wondering is that how much time is it gonna take before the service reaches to riverside county. i always get the roaming out there and that tends to get a lil pricy.

  8. I have had my phone since feb now and I absolutely love it. I used to have a problem with texts before they would take forever so send and recieve (open) but not now. Its quick now I love the new network and the price is great.

  9. I bought the incognito from boost and I love it evevything for $50 a month, I will never go back to contracts again.

  10. This phone just seems to good to be true. I’ve been with just about every phone service you could imagine and have always been iffy to try boost because somewhere along the line I had the idea that getting a signal on the phone wasn’t all that great, why i personally stuck with verizon and AT&T. Although, I’ve done some research on the count of not wanting to spend so much per month, now I am thinking about switching to this phone. I hope it pans out well, if so, I will be sticking to it for many years to come.

  11. Had Sprint for over 10 years. Spent thousands on plans and phones. Boost unlimited is awesome! The Incognito is the way to go. Unlimited everything and service is just as good. Why pay more? It’s about time! Absolutely no complaints after 6 months of service!

  12. Sanyo Incognito sucks.
    I have this phone and hate it.
    The charger messed up quick, and boost service is blotchy.
    fuck this phone.

  13. hey, i ahve a quesiton i bought my new phone from boost mobile and its the sanyo incugnito.. i dont see a sim cardslot? wat do i hve to do to activate it??? pleaze help

  14. (S) you have to call boostmobile to activate this phone now since its running of the sprint network. The phone with the sim cards are running off the nextel network, so with this new phone u are getting a major upgrade on service now.. good luck and enjoy your phone.

  15. I bought this phone yesterday. So far it’s okay. I haven’t figured everything out yet. Does anyone know how I can transfer my pics from phone to facebook????

  16. i currently have the sanyo juno 2700..,its okay but im thinking about getting the sanyo incognito but i wanna know how well it works before i get it so can anyone tell me EVERYTHING about this phone because this is a BIG decision for me:/ ~thanks:).

  17. I have been with ATT and Verizon in the past. I am currently without a cell, but have a landline………economic reasons.
    AT&T and Verizon’s prices are ridiculously expensive….you get a lesser expensive or free phone but are stuck in a two year contract.
    I have researched several flat fee carriers, Boost was the one I just chose. I am waiting for the Incognito to arrive.
    With Verizon and AT&T, my monthly bills were over a $100 and I stayed off the Internet; kept the texts down to a bare minimum. To hell with the junk free and low price phones from the big carriers. I hope companies like this give big carriers a serious run for their money.

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