Read SD Cards On Your iPhone With zoomIt

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zoommedia zoomitWith the release of the iPad, Apple also announced a number of accessories, including one that would allow users to connect a SD card to the device.  This left a number of us scratching our heads, wondering why this accessory wasn’t already on the market, allowing us to do just that with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Enter zoomIt, a new product from Zoom Media, who claim that their device will allow you to access video, music, and other files on SD media directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Details on the site are scarce, but if this is something that appeals to you, head over to their site now… pre-orders will get a $10 discount off of the regular price of $60 per zoomIt, and the first 250 orders will also receive a free 4GB SD card.

8 thoughts on “Read SD Cards On Your iPhone With zoomIt”

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  2. I just ordered one. Hope it’s not a vaporware product. Wonder if Apple will lock it down after they find out about it.

  3. I dunno, Mikey. Apple’s modus operandi is pretty much “keep it simple, and only provide the features that most people are going to use.” Most people aren’t going to use an SD card slot unless it’s to add supplemental storage space on a device that has a laughable amount of storage by default (ask anyone who ever owned a Treo).

    I can absolutely see the market segment that the zoomIt is aimed at, but that market is also not the majority of iPhone owners.

  4. Is it just me, or are you also wondering why they didn’t use MicroSDHC cards instead of the huge SD cards? That dongle looks huge and ungainly attached to the device.

  5. @ Jared Morgan… The “dongle” is just temporary to use just to read the cards. After you’re done with the cards, you remove the reader. Probably because you gotta charge the iPhone SOMEHOW.

  6. And there’s nothing wrong with that, Mikey… you just happen to be the exception rather than the rule, in that regard. Fortunately, you get enough people with a common need in a room, and you end up with a solution like the zoomIt. 🙂

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