Build Your Own Harry Potter Whereabouts Clock

harry potter whereabouts clockIf you are a Harry Potter fan and are mechanically inclined, you can make your own magic Whereabouts clock like the Weasley family owned.  The clock in the picture is a one-of-a-kind creation, built by a man who was inspired by a conversation he had with his sons – yes, the magic in Harry Potter is cool, but science and technology are cooler.  The clock wirelessly monitors Twitter feeds for his family members, parses the information, and adjusts the position of the hands to show the location of each member.  Dad (I can’t find his name on his website) documents each step of the build process – from buying a clock case to building the circuit board.  He sounds open to questions, so you may be able to build your own Whereabouts clock using the information on his web site and perhaps some guidance through an email or two.

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