“I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” Goes GSM and GPS

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Remember the “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” TV commercials from the 80’s? The advertised product was a personal emergency response system (PERS) for seniors that included a base station and a pendant that interfaced with an analog phone to dial out for help when the pendant’s button was pressed. MobileHelp is a more modern version of that device. It incorporates GSM and GPS features so the person using the product isn’t restricted to their home. The system’s GPS technology also allows families to locate loved ones in real-time via the Web. The system will run you $34.95-$39.95 per month.

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10 thoughts on ““I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” Goes GSM and GPS”

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  2. Surely only any use if used outdoors- The GPS is not going to work indoors. Simpler would be to give granny one of those large button mobile phones and preset the buttons to call members of the family. Would be a lot cheaper too…

  3. I got one for my Mother and she loves it. It works perfectly well indoors… both at home and in the grocery store.

  4. I got one for my Mother and then we ended up buying one for my Father it worked so well. Much better than those old Emergency Response Systems.

    Mom fell many times away from the house and no one saw her laying there, with the old device she did not get help.

    I even remember we got her one of those gimmicky GPS flip phone s a year back and that didn’t even work.

    Last week at Whole Foods she fell between two cars and pressed her Mobile Help button and within minutes she had help and was safe.

    I’m very thankful someone took this technology to a new level. Good work Mobile Help, definitely giving us peace of mind.

    The Bradley Family

  5. is it waterproof?
    does it have to be charged?
    how big is it?
    do i change from regular button to mobile one everytime i enter the house? or can i just use mobile one all the time?
    what about my cell phone? do i keep that too?
    can i test the gps part anytime?
    any per minute or usage charges?
    what is talk time?
    what is the charge if i lose the button?

    why do you claim only company with gps?

    do i know when out of gps or cellular range?
    can family locate mom anytime on net?

  6. You have to love technology. If this would’ve been around 20 years ago, the commercial would’ve been a little different: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Luckily, satellites know where I am right now.”

  7. While this is certainly a new direction for the product, it is important to know where the emergencies are being monitored. If you are not getting monitoring from a company, life LifeStation (http://www.lifestation.com) that uses its own UL Listed monitoring center then you can’t be sure of the level of care that you are receiving.

  8. We thought about a gps unit for my grandfather but decided to go with a traditional medical alert system instead. We didn’t want him to have to worry about changing the batteries and also didn’t like the size of the pendant.

    We went with Bay Alarm Medical since they were local to us in San Francisco (www.bayalarmmedical.com) We also got a free lockbox which was a cool bonus.

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