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If you’d like to have a simple pocket knife but don’t want to add any more bulk to the things you carry in your pocket (or your bag), the key shaped pocket knife from Garrett Wade is worth a look.   This single-blade, German-made knife is barely larger than a regular key.  It’s available for $24.90.  They are currently offering a special price of $49.95 for three of them.

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  2. While I admire the ingenuity, this thing is a menace to airline security. Whoever is going to detect such a thing? Not good in the wrong hands. Sorry.

  3. @guy: No menace, they’ll find it. Then you are in a fix – its simply too easy to forget you have it with you. $25 is just a tad too expensive on a “one-per-flight” basis

  4. @guy : how is a 1 inch blade going to be a menace ? Many international flights (at least, outside the US) use METAL cutlery and knives during mealtimes which are way more dangerous then these little guys.

    I think if anyone tries to hijack a plane with a knife this small, he’s going to get pounded into a pulp by the other passengers. You could probably do more damage banging someone on the head with your laptop than trying to stab someone with a little knife.

  5. @Uli : Don’t bet on them finding it. I’ve traveled for years (post 9/11) with a 1-inch blade and a pair of very tiny scissors in my carry-on luggage for years and they were never detected. These come in handy all the time during my travels, so I’ve always carried them. I’m however ready to discard them if found out, since they are cheap items (they cost about 50 cents combined).

    And yes, I’ve been through airports all over the world and the US without even a second glance from airport security.

  6. Very late post, but thought I’d add for the heck of it… I recently went on a flight and security took my small swiss keychain (The one that had mini scissors, knife, nail blade, clipper and toothpick. Those things are awesome! Anyway, what a disappointment too because I’ve gone through security many times when traveling and it never detects. I think I made a bad move because I admitted I had one. Right when I was emptying my pockets into the bucket, the lady askes me “is that a swiss army knife?” I said “yeah sorta”. and then she told me to give it to her. I complained about 30 seconds about how small the damn thing is and realize to just let it go after no luck. It was 10 years old as well, but was a gift from a relative. Plus, not to be racist or anything but it was a black girl security chick and she was giving me this thuggish attitude in response (I understand its their job, but I thought there were better ways on dealing with the situation). So I was a little annoyed and wanted to just wack her in the head. I even carry onboard a 3-4 inch nail filier blade which is semi sharp (not metal) in my backpack and it checks through fine.

    Chriszzz is totally right…about if people trying to hijack a plane or something with it could be totally useless! Fists and kicks are more threatening than this. I’ll tell ya, these little things may actually benefit some people. I think of it in a way as a survival tool.

    Anyway, there’s my rant…just had to get it out and share 🙂
    oh and just went out and bought myself a new one!

  7. My husband had his taken away from him at the airport right after 9/11……he was pretty upset and has been looking for another ever since. He had carried the key with him for years. Will surprise him with another for our anniversary.

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