Forget Trackballs, Get Ergonomic with a Trackbar

Are you all about an ergonomic workspace? Me, I’m a slouching, crossleg sitting, traditional mouse and keyboard using geek. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ‘think’ about trying alternative input devices though. I happened to run across the Emotion Trackbar Ergonomic Mouse and it seems more unusual than most. It has two 1000 dpi optical sensors. One is a long bar at the top and the other is a smaller scroll wheel in the center. You can buy one for around $100. Would you use something like this?

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3 thoughts on “Forget Trackballs, Get Ergonomic with a Trackbar”

  1. Looks like a smaller and less expensive version of the Roller Mouse Pro. If it works as well as the Roller Mouse I’d be tempted – I found the RM more efficient and easy to use (a couple of folks at work had them)

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