Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier Review

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My daughter, Rachel, has asthma, so a clean environment can be a great help in keeping her lungs in good shape.  She has allergies to various pollens and foods that can trigger asthma episodes.  Every time she gets a cold, she also has problems.  Dust can also cause a lot of problems for her.  Dust itself doesn’t cause her to wheeze, but it causes a lot of congestion and irritation.  Our hope is that minimizing her normal level of congestion can minimize the frequency and severity of wheezing episodes.  Using an air filter in her room is a good way to minimize dust and allergens.  When Julie offered the team the Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier, I asked if I could give it a try. 

The Oreck ProShield Plus is a compact unit made of black plastic.  I noticed a plasticizer smell when the box was opened.  This smell lessened after a couple of days of use, but it still remains.  It smells a little like chlorine.  Rachel says it makes her room smell a bit like an indoor swimming pool. 

Color – Gunmetal
New Technology – Helios Shield ™
Odor Control – PCO – Ultraviolet light (UV-A) Odor Control
Filtration – Truman Cell ® (never needs replacing)
Efficacy – Cleans and re-circulates the air in a 12 X 18 ft room twice every hour
Orientation – Dual (can lay flat, or stand vertically)
Noise Level – Whisper Quiet (on low setting)
Energy Efficiency – 60-watt bulb equivalent
Warranty – 3-year limited warranty, lifetime warranty on the Truman Cell
Dimensions – 10.5” X 4.5” X 18” 

oreck proshield plus review 2
Shown in horizontal position (Click to enlarge)
oreck proshield plus review 7
Stand for using ProShield Plus in the vertical position

The Oreck ProShield Plus unit should be used only on a hard surface.  The instructions say to place it on a table or desk, and it should be placed where it will not be drawing dirty air across your face while you are sleeping.  We put it on a chest in Rachel’s room.  The chest is across the room from her bed, and oriented so that it should not be drawing air across her face.  The “front” side shown in the top picture is actually the air intake.  Air exits from a vent on the right side of the unit (as you face it) when used in the vertical position, or from the top of the unit in the horizontal position. 

oreck proshield plus review 3 

The Oreck ProShield Plus comes with a remote control.  The remote has a power on/off switch.  You can also control speed, dim or turn off the night light, and turn the UV odor control function on/off with the remote.  

oreck proshield plus review 8
Pre-filter (Click to enlarge)

When we look inside the ProShield Plus, we see three filters.  The first picture shows the Pre-filter.  This filter has a plastic mesh with a relatively large grid.  The pre-filter removes large particles, such as dust, hair, and lint. 

oreck proshield plus review 9
Truman cell (click to enlarge)

The next filter is the Truman cell. (It has been pulled out of position for this photograph.)   The Truman cell is a proprietary product.  Oreck says the Truman cell “is designed to electrostatically charge and collect smaller particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, molds, viruses, and fungi.” 

oreck proshield plus review 10
ProShield Plus air purifier filter with Catalytic Oxygenator visible at right (click to enlarge)

Next we see the Oreck ProShield Plus air purifier.  This piece is not removable.  It contains internal UV lights.  Some of the documentation seems to call this device the Helios Shield ™.  Oreck says the “Helios Shield™ utilizes ultraviolet light (UV-A) to instantly eliminate household odors while neutralizing harmful volatile organic compounds. This type of cleaning power gives the Oreck ProShield™ Plus the ability to reduce many viruses, neutralize volatile organic compounds, and eliminate odors as it circulates air through its system.”  You can turn the UV lights off, if desired, but the manual warns that the odor and VOC removal capability will be greatly reduced.  

You can also see the “Catalytic Ozone Converter” in this picture.  It’s the silvery plate mounted in the right side of the plastic housing, at the end of the Truman cell slot.  Oreck also calls this the Catalytic Oxygenator.  It is permanent and can’t be replaced. 

oreck proshield plus review 11
Front control buttons and status lights (click to enlarge)

The front panel controls and lights are shown here.  The left button (house with circling arrows) turns the internal UV lights in the non-removable ProShield Plus air purifier on/off.  The horizontal lighted blue bar to the left of this button shows the UV lights are currently on.  The middle button (with the fan blades) is the power and fan speed button.  Press this button repeatedly to move through the speeds.  The right button (glowing light bulb design) controls the nightlight.  Light levels are normal, dim, and off.  The row of five bars under the control buttons indicates the selected fan speed.  At the lowest speed, only the center bar is lighted.  Medium speed lights the middle three bars, and all five are lighted at the highest speed.  Turning off the nightlight turns off all these lights, as well as blue lights at the bottom of the unit.  At the far right is a Truman collector cell warning light.  When the Truman cell needs cleaning, the blue “Collector Cell” area will turn red.

oreck proshield plus review 5
Bottom nightlight

Oreck calls the lowest fan speed the “Silence” mode.  They say their “Silence Technology® cleans the air as effectively but more slowly than the other settings.”  The unit is very, very quiet at the lowest setting.  It is so quiet it doesn’t interfere with watching TV or listening to music at all.  If the nightlight is turned off, I think it would be possible to forget the unit is even on unless you were to stand close to the Oreck.  

The medium speed is noisier, but it doesn’t seem to bother Rachel.  She likes to sleep with a white noise generator of some sort in her room, and the medium speed makes a great white noise.  It’s much better than the fan she sometimes uses, because the plain fan just blows dust around.  At medium speed, air flow is great enough that papers on a near-by table are ruffled by the movement.  This noise isn’t go great that you can’t hear music, but you do need to raise the volume a bit. 

High speed is for maximum cleaning.  This is the speed that can clean the 12 X 18 ft room twice in two hours.  This speed is loud.  It’s too loud to enjoy listening to music (without using headphones, at least), and it is too loud to be considered white noise.  We decided the best way to use the Oreck ProShield Plus is to use it on high during the day when Rachel is at school, then turn it to medium when she’s doing homework or sleeping.  We can maximize air cleaning when the noise isn’t a problem. 

There’s a warning sticker on the door that opens to reveal the filters.  It says “Snap Goes Pollution!” and it warns that you will hear a snapping or “arcing” sound when large particles enter the ionizing cell.  It’s a very startling noise!  It sounds a little like a bug zapper.  The first time it happened, I whirled to look at the unit, and I could actually see little orange sparks inside when the particles fried.  The snapping happened most frequently during the first few hours of use.  There were occasional snaps as the days went on, most frequently when the forced-air furnace was running. 

oreck proshield plus review 4
Pre-filter after 2 weeks (click to enlarge)
oreck proshield plus review 6
Truman cell after 2 weeks (click to enlarge)

Of course, filters must be cleaned periodically, and Oreck includes a cleaning schedule in the manual.  We left the Oreck ProShield Plus running 24 hours a day for a couple of weeks before checking the filters.  (Oreck recommends cleaning the pre-filter and Truman cell every two to four weeks.)  You can see in the pictures that the pre-filter and the Truman cell both show a collection of dust.  You clean the pre-filter by rinsing in warm water.  The Truman cell can be soaked in warm water (with or without a mild liquid detergent), then rinsed and dried well.  Oreck also sells a special cleaning product for the Truman filter, if you prefer.  Oreck has included a brush to clean away dirt in between the air-direction grills.  You should also periodically lightly vacuum the catalytic ozone converter. 

oreck proshield plus review 12
Cleaning brush shown above its storage slot

The Oreck website says that the ProShield Plus removes 99% of airborne particulates.  Unfortunately, 99% isn’t true HEPA filtration, which must remove 99.97% of all particulates 0.3 microns.  True HEPA filtration is recommended for people with allergies and asthma because it removes more of the allergens.  

However, the Oreck ProShield Plus did obviously clean dust from the air in Rachel’s room.  We have a vacuum with a HEPA filter, so I feel the ProShield Plus does a good job of keeping dust out of the air – and therefore out of Rachel’s lungs – between vacuumings.  And her room smells nice.  When Rachel entered her room after the ProShield had been running for the first day, she said “it smells good in here!”  It does smell good – not like a fragrance, just like the clean smell after a rain.  (We used the UV lights constantly, so hopefully they actually were removing odors from the air.)  Although it isn’t a true HEPA filter, I do like thinking that the Oreck ProShield Plus air filter does make Rachel’s air a bit cleaner.


Product Information

  • Does remove dust from air
  • Has a very quiet mode, and has a good "white noise" mode
  • Compact
  • Not a true HEPA filter
  • Expensive

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  2. What is the benefit here? One can get a true HEPA filter unit for much less $$$, and past Oreck air filters have been quite unreliable, according to the many online user complaints I’ve seen. As for the Truman cell and the Helios shield, my b.s. detector is reading in the red zone…

  3. This kind of device _has_ to be for people who already have problems like allergy and/or asthma. I really don’t believe in trying to keep your home totally antibacterial and dust free. Same with these UV toothbrush cleaners that have been tested here. It’s madness!

    Studies have shown that a too clean home environment can cause allergies. See here for example:

    I don’t question that it may help someone with asthma, though.

  4. The Truman cell probably works, to some degree at least: It’s a simple electrostatic filter, which are fairly common. (Oh, and by the way: It’s the _reason_ for the Catalytic Oxygenator. Electrostatic filters generate ozone, and need a catalyst or something behind them to remove it if you want the air to be up to code.) They aren’t quite as effective as a disposable filter, but they can be cleaned and re-used.

    The Helios Shield probably does do something, but a more effective filter would do more. (And wouldn’t leave the anything for it to do.)

  5. Oreck = $$ The markup on these are absurd.
    Your review is very detailed and you obviously put a lot of time into your post. That’s what I dig about The Gadgeteer.

  6. I am impressed into the amount of detail you put into this review. I loved all the photos and you offered great insight into what owning an oreck would mean.

    I totally agree with you said about the HEPA reccomendation for asthma sufferers. Ionization technology such as the the truman unit are great but i prefer it when they are combined with a HEPA filter.
    If you are looking for a true HEPA matched with a ionization ability then i would reccomend you look at some the Sharp purifiers.. (plus they cost a lot less 🙂

  7. (First let me say that I am not an Oreck employee, just a fan of these air purifiers). HEPA removes particles .3 microns or smaller – this technology removes paricles as small as .1 microns, making them a better air purifier. I have 4 of these in my home and they has made a tremendous difference in the air quality. We were constantly battling sinus infections and have not suffered from one since we began using them.

  8. @Paul Could you tell me where you found the specifications for the Truman filter? I read somewhere on the internet that Truman cell technology is based on filtration systems used in submarines. The submarine systems can remove particles down to .1 micron, but I couldn’t find anything that said the Oreck version did.

  9. Janet – I found this on the Oreck website.


    The new Oreck ProShield™ Plus Air Purifier with Helios Shield™ captures and destroys many airborne viruses like the flu.
    You can do something about the air in your home. Twice every hour, the new Oreck ProShield Plus cleans and re-circulates the air in a 12′ x 18′ room. In in-home testing, the ProShield helped deliver up to a 99% reduction in particles down to .1 microns.* And nobody else has the Helios Shield, which uses ultraviolet light to eliminate odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

    *High setting used for entire test period of time in a sealed room. Percentage reduction includes natural deposition and particle size measured down to .1 micron.

  10. @Paul Thanks! I didn’t see that page advertising the Flu Fighters. I had gone directly to the ProShield Plus page, and it doesn’t mention anything about particle size. I didn’t see anything about particle size in the manual, either. You’d think they’d mention that on every page, huh? Well, it seems to be doing an even better job that I thought. That’s good.

    This is the page I was on: http://www.oreck.com/air-purifiers/proshield-plus.cfm

  11. Thank you for the info on these Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier with Helios Shie.
    We bought one (Oreck ProShield™ Plus Air Purifier with Helios Shie) just to see if it would truely help with things like controlling dust, mold, viruses, etc.. my family has bad allergies. When we first opened the box we saw very quickley these things are cheapley made. The door to access the inside parts was very hard to open, (and you must open it to remove a tag before starting the system). The system is quiet when in low operation speed but for med or high the system is very noisey. But what gets me is the smell that it puts out!! It really smells bad, I thought it may just be the new burning off. But after 2 weeks it still stinks.
    After 2 weeks we opened the unit to see if it needs cleaning.
    We found that it hasnt caught hardley any dust and the system looked the same as the day it was taken out of the box.
    We did notice a build up of dust in the room.
    To make a long story short 400 bucks for a name brand unit that really doesnt do anything. Our allergies are still just ass bad as they were before we bought the unit.
    So I say you are better off buying a really good hepa filtering unit from someone else. They work better even if you have to clean them more often (hold on that means they are working) (OH! Duhhh!!) lol
    THe Oreck gets a 1 star for looks and thats it. They are over priced and they dont really work.

  12. I have to agree with the other review that this is a lot of money for a non-HEPA air purifier. It’s not cleaning the small particles that cause problems and it’s sending out ozone- known to cause lung irritation. There are better, keep looking.

  13. I bought an Oreck Proshield after moving into a small apartment in East Santa Cruz. The winter weather patterns can cause the air to be confined to the coast, and the air quality can get really bad. I could feel the heaviness on my lungs.

    I have to admit that this air purifier improved the situation in my apartment 100%. I slept better and I didn’t wake up with sore throats. The steady flow of negative ions also helped to improve the atmosphere.

    I don’t suffer from Asthma; so I didn’t need a purifier with expensive filters. If the Oreck even cuts the air contaminants by 80% then I’m happy. And I don’t have to buy filters.

    One complaint I have is that the Truman cell is hard to clean. It’s hard to get in between those plates for a thorough cleaning. (Note: the rest of the cleanup is very easy.)

    Another thing is that I haven’t seen that the Oreck reduces dust. It does reduce dust in the air; but I still find dust on furniture, and suspect that is due to the electrostatic charge in the purifier. Of course I’d rather have dust on my furniture, which I can wipe off, rather than breathing it.

    In reference to other reviews: I didn’t notice any bad odors with my unit. It puts off a negative ion scent. I have not experienced any lung irratation. I am allergic to pollen; I haven’t had any problems at home since I bought the unit.

    I have noticed that the unit has limited effectiveness if there is a constance source of air-pollution. If someone sits and chain-smokes, the purifyer won’t do much good. If you smoke one cig and stop, it will clean the air. If your apartment is dirty, or moldy, with rotting food and dirty clothes everywhere, this unit will not fix the air-quality problem. A dirty house will still smell like a dirty house.

    Some people have complained that the unit makes too much noise on medium or high. It is noisy on high, but I find that the medium setting is a pleasant background noise. It even helps me fall asleep. The low setting is completely silent.

    I saw a review from someone who bought two units and complained that they had no impact in their house, which had been flooded. If you have water-logged and moldy carpets and dry-wall, no air purifyer is going to solve your problem.

    On the whole I am glad I bought the Oreck Proshield. It does the job. The air in my apartment is cleaner and I breath easier because of it.

    I’ve owned this unit for 6 months.#

  14. I notice some of you complaining about a smell, that would be the ozone. I previously had the Oreck XL professional air purifier (with the ozone converter) but the majority of the ozone still got through. Ozone is a lung irritant, and is NOT good for allergy/asthma sufferers. Oreck never specifies anywhere on their website just how much ozone their air cleaners produce.

  15. I actually know someone who works at Oreck and I asked them about the air purifier after reading these comments.. This purifier is actually better than a Hepa Filter because it is going to filter the air down to .1 microns. The best way to clean the Truman cell is to use the Assail a Cell cleaner.. It can be purchased in a 20 oz foam spray (14.99) or a 1 gallon liquid form for 39.99.. The gallon is the best value because you can sit the cell in the sink and spray the cell down with like 5 or 6 sprays and then let it sit 10 – 15 minutes.. It will liquidize all the dust (tar and tobacco if a smoker in home) ect, just rinse, dry and place back in the unit.. Also nothing is published about the ozone because it does not produce a sufficient amount for it to above normal regulatory UL standards… All electrical devices create ozone… The Pro Shield plus does take the small amount it does produce and filter it back into breathable oxygen.. As far as dust on furniture the air purifier will clean whats in the air which will reduce the amount of dust build-up on your furniture.. It can not pull dust that has already settled.. At times you may notice a little more dust around the area where you place the air purifier as well because some particles drop before they make it into the unit..

    I have since tried the unit and I have slept better and can breathe in the morning when I wake up… Definitely on my list of purchases!!!

  16. Hi There,
    I was watching this informerical and immediately checked to see if any bloggers reviewed it… so i stumbled upon your post. Thanks for the detailed and honest review. I’m still not sure I want to spent about $400 on this considering its not a real HEPA air purifier…but your post made it sound appealing… what do you think? Did the chlorine smell ever go away?


  17. Ooops sorry – second question – do you think one is enough? Just one to keep in living room during the day and move to bedroom during night?

    thanks again.


  18. @Li There’s still a smell, but eventually you start to not notice it much until you return home after you’ve been out of the house for a while. I do worry that it’s not true HEPA, which Rachel’s allergist says is best. For $400, you could probably find a true HEPA air filter. And I don’t think moving it from room to room would work very well. Your bedroom wouldn’t have cleaned air when you come in to sleep.

  19. I bought Aug 1st 2010.
    And it worked well until yesterday but it started smell like electric wire burning. There wasn’t smoke but it was strong plastic burning smell and my kid started complaining chest hurt.
    I trusted this product but not now.
    I wish I can return this.

  20. Just got a ProShield Plus and it seemed to work nicely. I put in the family room for half a day and felt the difference, although it was on the highest setting (loud) for few hours. Finally I tested it in my bedroom overnight and boy it really made the room smell fresh (and yes it is the same feel and smell after the rain). I woke up breathing better. The only thing I didn’t like about ORECK (the company), while I was ordering via the infomercial number at $399.95, I was looking it up on the internet. Their website price was $319.95 (on sale but you don’t get any gifts). You pay 399 and you get a 2 gifts to keep if you decide to return the unit, but if you keep the filter (you are realistically paying $80 for these gifts.)

  21. I just got me a Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier I had it on at high speed for 48 hrs I don’t think its working where is the air intake I tryed to see useing a smoke and the smoke just blow it away into the room there is no sucktion going in to this Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier can some one tell me why? Thankes Winnipeg mb.

  22. I got one for Christmas from my husband..The smell was so bad in mine I almost returned it. I kept it plugged in on high in the spare bath for 3 or 4 days. The smell finally went away. Now I just cleaned it and my collector cell light will not go off, is there a reset button on this unit someplace? I had another type that I had for several years and actually got this one so I would not have to keep buying filters….I actually think the other one worked better, my home stays really dusty and I have two of these plugged in 24/7.

  23. Just purchases an Oreck Air Purifier a few days ago. Seems to work okay. It came with a DVD and a printed manual. Just finished reading the printed manual and note it says “Do not wash the Trueman Cell in the dishwasher”. Okay, but the DVD says it is okay to wash in the dish washer. Phoned the company to get clarification. I am told the dishwasher is only a last resort if you cannot get the Cell clean the normal method. That’s not what the DVD says and in addition, am I going to know the cell is not clean if I use the printed manual system. Something seems very wrong here. Anybody else run into this?

  24. I just got my Oreck air cleaner (the one with the Truman Cell) at the beginning of February because I do not have central air nor heat and my apartment would become choking dusty quite quickly. I was desperate for dust relief. I must be allergic to dust in a big way because I would sneeze violently throughout the day. I actually thought i was allergic to my apartment, because I was out of town for a month with no big problems UNTIL I opened my front door and stepped into my own place. Anyway, I think the air cleaner is working for me in a big way and I have not sneezed all month. I thoroughly dusted my apartment from top to bottom to give the air cleaner a fair test, and it’s been great. I was told by other users that to not use the spray voids the warranty. But if that’s not an issue, a friend of mine who has two of them…and smokes…has had great results cleaning the Truman Cell with Simple Green. I have not had to clean mine yet. The red light came on today and that’s how I found this page. I vaccumed the prefilter and brushed the back filter and took the Swiffer duster to the exterior of the Truman cell and then plugged it back in. The light did not go back on…yet.

    I do know that I will NOT be sending this machine back (it’s a god send to me) and worth every penny of the 399dollars that I paid for it. None of the parts need to be EVER replaced. So very expensive HEPA filters do not need to be ever replaced. I’m satisfied with the performance of this amazing machine.

  25. Several comments make the point that $399 is too much to pay for these units. I agree, and anyone paying that much obviously doesn’t know how to use a computer. With a little bit of searching it’s easy to find these for about $190. You can start by searching eBay.

  26. so glad i read these reviews first. it doesn’t sound like a great product. plus i heard ozone generating devices are banned in california, is that true?

  27. Well my girlfriend has one she complains about cleaning so much if you dont clean it for a while it builds up black crap on the cell thats a bitch to clean we use rubbing alchaol much cheaper than
    there cleaning agent.You should use a Hepa filter with the oreck
    aswell both. The Oreck is the best ionizer on the market which is over looked on all the complaints. if you have the hepa only you
    miss the ionizer benifits its good for you makes you feel better and elimantes smell better than anything except a huge charcol filter maybe but you wont get the possitive ions that are good for you well being it helps your heart breating everything it donst need a filter so to speak because the dust falls to the groud so its not flooting around and you breath it in.So like i said you need both a good hepa filter and a good ionizer and maybe evern a big charcol filter then your room would be perfect . Me I have all three a Hepa and a Oreck for the ionization and a big
    charcol filter for everthing that is missed by the other two .I d say
    I have some of the cleanist air outhere.Ps I dont like running the ozinum feature on the orick only when iam not home it cleans the bacteria and kills it .But it jives me a headacke sometimes
    it not good to have runing in the same room your in all the time it makes a weird smell Like running water I would advice only running when your not home the ozium feature. But its nice to have that feature aswell. so all the ball bashing towards the oreck is not all true You need to clean it all the time but in return you have a excellent inozier and dust demisher and with the ozum feture a good bacteria killer. I love mine but I allso have a hepa to aid it and a big charol filter I made myself.

  28. Until some time in June (the 6th?), the Oreck filter is on sale for $128.00. I did buy one, then took it back. Got a refurb on NoMoreRack for $109 plus $2 shipping (a one day deal a week or so ago from the time I wrote this). I really didn’t need 2 in my little apartment.

  29. I just pluged in my old but reliable HONEYWELL hepa filter with charcoal outer filter becouse I know its actual going to work after I clean it. Oreck the most over priced thing that never resets itself after you clean it. I tried at least Ten times to reset the plug and take out and replace the cell . I’m done.

  30. In response to Grant and Bretts comments… the “catalytic ozone converter” DOES NOT GENERATE ozone. It is also referred to as a “catalytic oxygenator” because it turns the ozone back INTO oxygen. Any high voltage electrical equipment will produce some ozone (which is O3).

  31. Ozone or o3 is a very unstable molecule. It consists of 3 oxygen molecules. It only remains in this form a short time before shedding the extra molecule of oxygen and becoming o2 aka oxygen. Now the issue with ozone occurs when regular air is used to produce it which will add nitrogen into the mix which turns it into a toxic product. Medical grade ozone made from pure oxygen is actually quite safe to use for many applications including ozone saturated saline for injection.

    Now that the science lesson is over. I got a factory refurbished regular prohield for only $70 at a local discount store on clearance (it was $88 before). Now that was practically a steal but you can get refurbished models for around $140 at walmart so they aren’t as pricey as they once were. The price made this purchase totally worth taking a chance on it. So far it has a good amount of dust on that filter from me shaking the dust my hepa filter dumped on them. My hepa would deposit a very fine layer of dust on everything near it and even inside it. I shook the dust off everything in front of the oreck and it sucked the dust in. Running on high it doesn’t seem very loud but i have 15% hearing loss so maybe that is why is doesn’t bother me. Yes it is a little loud not so loud it would keep me awake. I can still hear tv with it on.

  32. I just bought today an Oreck ProShield NEXT Air Purifier at Costco. After reading so many negative reviews about this product, l almost feel like returning it to Costco. I will not open the box before you notify me of followup comments. My search for a reliable air filter hasnot

  33. Hi, we have purchased a Proshield plus after many years of passing them over due to really bad reviews and comments like I read here about hepa being better and the oreck costing lots of money in filters and such. Well after getting the new pro shield, and finding they have made it all pretty much last indefinate, I am finding that most bad comments are made by two types of people. First type are the ones that do not own an oreck and really want a good one, but cannot afford an oreck so they bad mouth it as they read some negative views and chime in with the negative review. Next we have the uneducated, the ones that need the instructions that read, “please do not use this electrical device in the shower” those people, who those instructions are made for , do not need an oreck, they need an education. I have read many people say the oreck snaps and pops, guess what dumbass, clean it, it states very clearly it will pop from time to time, but constant snaping requires the truman to be cleaned or replaced if it is damaged. I cannot stress that a 30 day red light comes on telling you to clean the unit every 30 days. Now I have read some say if you have a dirty house and rotting food, if you are a chain smoker, the oreck does not do a good job, if you are that unclean and smoke like that, again you do not need an oreck you need your head examined by a trained specialist. I have owned the oreck for a week now and have never heard it snap once, to the point I thought it was broken due to all the reviews that stated the oreck snaps lots, I had to throw ungodly amounts of heavy dust to make it snap , it then snapped once or twice and stopped, now if it takes that kind of dust to trigger it, and you guys are getting it snapping all the time, please hire a maid, or get some exercise and clean your housee, turn off the TV, give your couch a break , put down the bucket of extra crispy, turn off opra, and clean your house, again you do not need an air purifier, you need a wife, mother , or maid, and if you thought buying an oreck was going to do your house work, wow , do you see why we need instructions telling us not to shower with electical appliances. the Oreck is quiet, run it on high first hour and then reduce to low and quiet as a mouse, the oreck is better than any hepa filter, it uses a cleanable mesh screen infront of the truman that removes large particles, then the truman removes medium to tiny dust, then lastly it has a charcoal filter that takes care of the rest, it uses elector static and UV and ozone to remove all virus and small micorscopic bugs. If you find a hepa filter that does all that, buy it, you earned it, as far as I have found the oreck is the only one on the market that does that. THe ozone is an amazing thing it is such a good purifier that it is used in pools, spas and saunas. THe fridge oreck not only purifies, it will remove the pesticides that may be left on foods, it removes smells and will allow foods to last longer by killing the mold and mildew associated with decaying food, its like turning your whole fridge into one of those green containers you see advertised on tv, and all this as a free gift, it runs for 3 months on 4 c cells. The oreck itself has no parts needing regular replacement anymore, the filter and trueman cell are cleanable and if you do regular clenaing once every 2 weeks the trueman cell never gets as bad as I have read that you cannot clean it well, yes if you leave it for months and then deciden the oreck is not working right and figure, hey ill clean it, then ya I guess you got a hell of a mess and job, and again you do not need an oreck you need a good head exam. In the end there is no magic device that will turn you from a red neck’ i cant read hillbilly, disgusting pig, that has not seen a bathtub for a few months, and has never heard of soap, into a neat, congenial , clean person, and if you bought an oreck with the idea you would not have to clean your house, bath, dust and wash your floor and dishes again, well no hepa filter is gonna hepa either. The oreck was designed for people that can read and clean their house. If you can do those small things then the Oreck will out preform anything on the market.

  34. That last guys awesome … LOL It’s not a maid service .. it’s an air purifier !! LOL
    Yeah .. I’ve had mine for a week now .. paid full price .. I have no problem supporting Oreck .. thanks for the fine product !!

    Joe Smoe up there had a good idea also … only use the ionizer when you’re not at home ?? I does smell kinda funky ?? Best to get rid of it rather than get used to it ??

    I had a real problem here … I live in an apartment .. I turned my bedroom into my woodworking shop & I moved my bed into the den … my bed is close to the front door & I started noticing a dust build-up on my sheets ?? Every day !! Right where my head goes ?? I’m breathing in this crap as I sleep ???
    Yes .. I keep my workshop door closed .. so the dust isn’t coming from there ??
    I keep my balcony door cracked for air .. so .. it’s coming from the outside ..

    I completely vacuumed & dusted my place last week .. found a central location for my unit & let it rip at full speed all day while I was at work … came home to a clean apartment !! Now .. while I’m home .. I run it on low .. when I’m out I use med mode & the ionizer .
    (I don’t want to burn out the motor on full all the time ) I’m going to have this sucker forever !!
    Ohh .. I have a black sheet on my bed to test for dust .. nothing .. perfectly clean .. all week !!! Problem solved !!

    So .. THIS SUCKER WORKS !!!!!!!!

    I did research Hepa units before this purchase .. I don’t know if they’re better or not but the price of the replacement filters is brutal .. they average $30 to $40 ?? Really ?? Every 6 months or so ??
    Then I saw this guy !! It works just fine !! It looks really cool also ?? And I don’t have to buy jack !!

    So .. I give it 5 out of 5 !! I sleep just fine !! : )

  35. Well, $400 is really too much, I also don’t agree with the price, it is better I will choose other models of Honeywell as well. My experience with Honeywell HFD 120Q is really very cool, I have been using it for last 5 years without any problems.

  36. After reading the article I bought Oreck ProShield NEXT Air Purifier . I am satisfied using this type of air purifier because it works well.

  37. Excellent! Do not forget about checking the filters every once in a while – you’re expected to change it every 6-8 months for efficient purifying!

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