Pet’s Eye View Camera

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Do you ever wonder what your cat or dog does while you’re at work?  Clip the Pet’s Eye View camera to his collar and get an idea of what he’s been up to while you’re gone.  The camera can take photos at 1, 5, and 15 minute intervals.  It can record up to forty 640 X 480 photos.  Transfer the pictures to your PC or Mac – and charge the camera – using the included USB cable.  Now you can confront Fido with photographic evidence when he tries to convince you it was the mailman who chewed up the sofa cushions!  The Pet’s Eye View camera is $49.95 from Solutions.

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8 thoughts on “Pet’s Eye View Camera”

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  2. My husband, a retired Marine, comments – “This would be a good gadget for combat. You don’t have time to take pictures in that situation, but the automatic camera could do it for you.” But you’d need one in camo colors!

  3. I’d like streaming video, with a built in speaker on the collar so I can tell the dog to “Stop chewing on my shoes!”

  4. I’m afraid the concept of putting one of these on a cat is flawed.

    First, I don’t know if you have ever tried to put a collar on an indoor cat, but it is not a pretty sight. The cat pulls and bites and otherwise attempts to get the damn collar OFF! And if the collar doesn’t come off, the cat sinks into a depression which leads to my second point.

    Second, indoor cats do not romp or play or chew or roam or do anything that might create interesting images on a collar camera. Instead, they curl up in a ball and sleep for hours and hours and hours. Especially if they are in the least bit sad. Or lonely. Or bored. Or depressed (see point number one). They also sleep if they are contented or happy or satisfied or relaxed.

    It is hard to imagine a cat doing anything but sleeping.

    And therefore image after image would be a dark, furry mass.

    Not interesting.

    But I like the idea of one of these for a dog.

  5. @Dianne I’m glad your husband is at home with you and no longer in need of a camera to use in combat.

    @Sandee We had a cat when I young. My sisters and I decided we were going to walk Tim on a leash. He didn’t like the collar, but he was okay. We clipped the leash on, and he apparently lost all will to live. He was so limp and boneless, he couldn’t even stand. We never got to take him on any walks…

    The dog we have now is very cat-like in his daily sleep habits…

    @Larry T That’s exactly how it should work! You could tell your dog to stop eating shoes, and Sandee and I could yell for our pets to wake up!

  6. i have one and love it for my dog, but i have lost the usb cable do you know where i can get a replacement cable?

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