A Messenger Bag for Your Netbook – Timbuk2 Freestyle Messenger

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Timbuk2’s new Freestyle Messenger bag is a scaled down version of their laptop messenger bag that I’ve been carrying for over a year now. It looks like a perfect gear bag for your netbook, Kindle, nook or Sony Touch eBook reader. I really like Timbuk2’s bags and the price seems reasonable at $65.

2 thoughts on “A Messenger Bag for Your Netbook – Timbuk2 Freestyle Messenger”

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  2. I have owned a Timbuk2 messenger bag, and my opinion is that Timbuk2 is a starter bag.

    Aka, it’s a nice first bag, but you *will* start to notice things wrong with it.

    For example…

    1. The flip over cover is not wide enough. Not something that’s noticeable, until you get stuck in a heavy rain storm. Then you find out later that everything inside your bag is soaking wet.

    2. The shoulder pad is not comfortable, and it slips. It slips off your shoulder, and slips up and down the shoulder strap. Did I mention that it’s not very comfortable either?

    3. It’s not that durable. I’m hard on my gear, and it showed. This is not universally true for all my gear. For example, my BaileyWorks bag has held up very well.

    I could go on, but you get the point. I basically have a litany of small complaints.

    My current favorite bag maker? Bailey Works (baileyworks.com). I really cannot recommend them enough, if you want a good courier style bag.

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