NewerTech NuPower Charge and Sync+

newertech-nupowerCharge and sync your devices with the NewerTech NuPower Charge and Sync+ 3-in-1 portable charger, battery pack, and sync solution for iPhone, iPod, cellphones, digital cameras, and other devices. It gives you the ability to recharge your device via a standard AC outlet or add extra run time with the built-in 1400mAh battery. You can even charge and data sync with your computer via USB. The NuPower Charge and Sync+ comes with three interchangeable cables: mini-USB, micro-USB and an iPod Dock Connector.

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5 thoughts on “NewerTech NuPower Charge and Sync+”

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  2. … still not what I’m looking for …
    maybe you can help?

    At home we’ve got 3 iPods. I’m looking for a device where I can plugin all three iPods at the same using the USB-connector cables to recharge them simoultaniously.
    Letting the pc run just to have a USB-port for recharging the iPODS is a little bit overdone IMO.

    Any suggestions anybody?


  3. I have the Lenmar USB adapter that Mystech points at. It works fine for charging multiple iPods. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the attachment for the snap-on plug (to let you swap in international plug shapes) is pretty flimsy. But if you are not planning to plug and unplug this all the time, it is a fine solution.

    I also own one of these:

    It has a much better plug attachment system (it is a direct ripoff of the Apple laptop/old iPod charger system), but, I have found that in some outlets there is a quiet but audible whine from this system. It also ships from Hong Kong so it takes a couple weeks to arrive (the Lenmar one arrived in a couple days).

  4. Thanks a lot.
    That’s what I’ve been looking ! 🙂

    I’d leave it plugged in with 3 USB-cables attached to it, so my kids and I can charge our 3 iPods at the same time !


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