Android 2.0 Officially Announced

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The Eclair is coming. Yes, they are continuing the naming trend (Cupcake, Donut and now Eclair). It is officially announced on the Android Developer site.

Some of the key changes:

  • Support for multiple e-mail and contact synchronization (sounds a little Web-OSy).
  • Quick Contact feature that looks to streamline selecting email/phone/sms.
  • Exchange support without an add-on application.
  • Updated camera features.
  • Multi-touch support with the keyboard.
  • And more…

Those are just he ones that caught my eye. Here is the official video introducing many of the features after the jump.

I have heard that Verizon’s Droid will be the first phone sporting 2.0. Not sure what the upgrade path is. Will my G1 support 2.0? We will see.

6 thoughts on “Android 2.0 Officially Announced”

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  2. Sorry if this is lame (first comment on the article by the author) but after looking for more info I am hearing 2.0 won’t fit on the G1. I am not totally convinced about this, after all the word on the street with 1.6 was that it would not fit on the G1, but just an FYI. I’ll be pretty disappointed if my phone can’t keep up only a year after its release.

  3. I havent got 1.6 either – dumb T-Mobile branded Hero (snappily titled T-Mobile G2 Touch) doesnt support OTA updates….so we have to wait for T-Mobile to post an update on their website. After the debacle of their ROM update ( i’m not holding my breath for a quick release….

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