Organize your cables with Dotz

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cord-dotzDo you ever find yourself behind your computer desk or home theater cabinet, trying to figure out which cable that’s plugged into your power strip, goes with a specific component? You end up spending a few seconds or even minutes tracing the cable from the power strip back up to the device. What a pain… Hey, here’s a possible solution. They are called Dotz Cord Identifiers. They are small colored plastic disks that snap around a cable. Small pictures can be placed inside the disk to identify the device it’s connected to. The disks are reusable and can be purchased in sets of 10 for $9.99. Pretty pricey though. What solutions do you use to organize your cables?

9 thoughts on “Organize your cables with Dotz”

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  2. I don’t think it’s overkill. Tape gets all sticky and peels off…It looks pretty icky after a while too. I think they’re great!!!

  3. Overkill. Why do you want to pretty up your rat’s nest? I use a label maker and attach the labels to the cords and cables at work. I didn’t see any labels for xbox or ps3 on their website. I could do the same with bottle caps, a sharpie and zip ties.

  4. I’m currently using p-touch labels – hit print twice, that leaves a big gap in the middle to wrap around the cable itself. The dotz are cute, if you only have one thing per category, but usually I want to know *which* computer or *which* external drive the cord is for…

  5. I do this in 2 different ways :
    I write on sticky color tape and loop it around a cable near the plug, or, I use a white ink pen and write on the plug directly. Works great.

    I’ve had some tape stuck on my cables for several years, and they never came off. I guess you have to use good quality tape.

  6. these are attractive, i tend to use a strip of paper with a label and sticky tape to attach it and stop it wearing.

    perhaps they should make them so you could swap out the image? then you could put in written labels or print a pic off their website?

  7. I can’t beleive that all you guys think tape and paper tags hanging off cords is a good solution. I think it just adds just more clutter to the mess…these seem clean. @BecFG check out their website it seems to me like they are fully customizable and interchangeable!

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