Mini Cash-Can and Toothpick Case Review


Are you an EDC (Everyday Carry) junkie who is always on the lookout for cool new keychain tools, flashlights, pocket knives and storage gadgets? I am 🙂 That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to take a look at the Mini Cash-Can and Toothpick Case from Sunshine Products USA. Go ahead and get out your credit card now, you’ll be needing it in a few minutes.


I was sent three different products, the Mini Cash-Can, Mini Cash-Can II and a Toothpick Case. Let’s first take a look at the Mini Cash-Can.


The only difference between the Mini Cash-Can and Cash-Can II is size. The Cash-Can is 1 1/2″ inches long and can hold one bill. The Cash-Can II is 2 inches long and can hold two bills. Both are available in your choice of Brass, Copper or Aluminum.

You can see the Aluminum Mini Cash-Can II in the image above (click it to see a larger view). You’ll notice the wonderful engraving of The Gadgeteer logo, which I just love. You can opt for your own engraving for an additional charge ($15-$20).


The Cash-Can is comprised of two parts. The outside housing and an interior spindle. The parts are machined from a single bar of material. In the image above, you can see the seam at the bottom…


…and around the keychain eyelet.

When I first tried to open the Cash-Can, I stumped for a few seconds, till I figured out that you have to pop out the spindle.


This is done by removing the keychain split ring and pressing the spindle top on a hard surface.


With some pressure, the spindle pops out of the bottom of the Cash-Can.


Bills can be folded and wrapped around the spindle.


The top and bottom of the spindle have a rubber O ring, that will make the interior of the Cash-Can waterproof. There’s also no worry that the Cash-Can will open accidentally, as long as you keep it on a keyring.

Mini Cash-Cans are a handy way to carry some extra money with you on your keychain. Always have an extra $20 with you at all times.

Mini Cash-Can – $25.00
Mini Cash-Can II – $35.00


The Toothpick case holds… toothpicks 🙂 It can also hold cash, small pills etc. It’s significantly larger than the Cash-Cans, at 2 7/8 inches long.


I was sent the Stainless Steel version, but it is also available in a two-tone Copper and Brass version. Look at that lovely engraving (click the image to see a larger version). This case is available with a keychain cap or a plain cap.


Both are threaded caps. An O ring on the case keeps the contents dry.

Toothpick Case – $47.00

I love all these little cases because they are unique and useful. Any of them would make a great gift for your favorite gear head.


Product Information

Price:$25.00 - $47.00 (engraving extra)
Manufacturer:Sunshine Products USA
  • Unique
  • Waterproof
  • Handy
  • Nice gift idea
  • None

12 thoughts on “Mini Cash-Can and Toothpick Case Review”

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  2. If you’re a military nut an easy way to do this is get a good size spent bullet or two (for practicing) drill a hole for some string or a keychain, and some quick modding to the bullet itself would allow for the same deal for next to nothing, another option is the inside of a pen.
    You could probably get a plastic version of this that would also float for less than 2 bucks if you hunt around ebay a bit.

  3. I’ve carried one of these little Hobby Tool Supply keychain pill containers for well over a decade and it’s served me very well. I discarded the inner vial since the rubber O-ring seal around the top keeps my pills dry. This is perfect for someone who takes midday maintenance meds and is often away from home or the desk.

    And at $7 for a 6-piece set, you can’t ask for a better price! Keep one and use the rest as cheap unexpected little stocking stuffers. (Yeah, we start thinking about Christmas kinda early around here…)

  4. Rob O.,
    Two questions about the pill container:
    1. How do the two sections stay together? Is it threaded?
    2. Is it large enough to hold a folded bill?

  5. I agree, jst too expensive. I wouldn’t pay over $2 for any of them. Pretty devices though, and look well machined.

  6. Last thing I’m about to do is wear an overpriced container that tells people where my money is stashed…whoever designed this is a greedy fool.

  7. I own one of these and I can attest to the fact these are worth the extra money. Really well made, and will most likely last a lifetime. I would also like to recomment Gus Made as another great manufacturer of quality machined key fobs.

    One question, I wonder if the gadgeteer logo-ed cash can is one-of-a-kind, or are they for sale too?

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