Fisher Mars Space Pen – Guaranteed to Write Until Man Sets Foot on Mars!

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mars-space-pen-1I discovered Fisher Space bullet pens recently.  They have a thicker body than disposable stick pens, and they put down the ink like a dream.  Writing feels almost effortless with my little black Fisher Space pen.  They are very compact, so you can carry them anywhere.  Since one can never have too many pens, I’ve been checking out the Fisher Space Pen website to see what other styles they offer.

Check out the beautiful Fisher Mars Space pen.  It has the patented pressurized ink delivery that Fisher is famous for, and it has a very cool look.  It’s styled like a chunkier bullet pen, but it’s made of gold-colored or black-colored titanium nitride.  The pocket clip is not removable and is engraved “Mars”.  Just like all Fisher Space pens, it writes upside down, under water, and over grease.  Fisher says it’s filled with enough ink to last most people for 80 years!  Or as they say in the product description – “guaranteed to write until man sets foot on Mars!”

It’s $120 at the Fisher website.  Expensive, but that comes out to only $1.50 a year for a great pen!

19 thoughts on “Fisher Mars Space Pen – Guaranteed to Write Until Man Sets Foot on Mars!”

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  2. I’ve also got a chrome space pen. I’m disappointed. It’s heavy, but the metal will dent easily. Just dropping from desk to floor will leave a mark. The ink does not flow as smooth as regular ‘parker’ cartridges. Just got a Zebra expanding pen, it’s better at writing than the fisher but of course doesn’t look as cool.

  3. I have one too and love it – never have to worry about whether the ink will work or not, and haven’t found a surface it wont write on – just have to be careful with that as often the ink wont wipe off.

    Still on the first cartridge and its been a couple of years now.

    Just wish the pen was a bit longer – bit to short even with cap on it, for my large hands.

  4. I had a space pen and lost it unbeaching awhale outside of the hotel i am head chef at, i was alittle cheeky and asked if the warranty covered loss due to killer whale and the guys at fisher South Africa were more than helpfull and are replacing the pen. what can i say. a fantastic pen and an even better company

  5. Wow, Peter! That’s a good warranty!

    @Reality Check – where’s the fun in that? I want a pen I can pass down to my grandchildren! Seriously, it is expensive, but it would make a nice, special gift for a pen lover or an astronomy geek. (And no offense meant by the “geek” term. My husband is an astronomy geek!)

  6. I had a mars space pen. It stopped writing after 18 months of use. Gave it back with warranty, a month ago, still waiting for my replacement. I wish they deliver it before man sets his foot on Mars!

  7. @Dr Kiran Acharya That’s fabulous! I’m glad you got your replacement, and I’m glad there’s proof that Fisher stands behind their warranty!

  8. Sounds like Fisher’s folks really know how “to win hearts and minds” in the sales wars! I can think of two others: Sears with their Craftsman tool line, and Zippo with their lighters. Many years ago a friend of mine flat broke a Craftsman socket wrench when we were working on his car through extreme misuse. I didn’t think the warranty would be honored. But at the story, my friend was completely honest — and the salesman promptly took the ruined wrench and gave him a new one. As for Zippo, I’ve known a number of people over the years whose Zippos got damaged — sometimes through misuse or abuse — and not one ever had a moment’s trouble getting the lighter repaired or replaced. All three of these companies make high-quality products, so they can stand behind them. It’s gratifying that they do so.

  9. I just gave my wife a Mars Pen. She is an avid reader, (geology and biology, mostly) and likes to take notes of what she reads to the tune of 100 A4 pages a week. She would empty a standard Parker ball pen refill in a couple of weeks. Then I remembered reading about the Mars Pen and ordered one for her, mostly because I thought that this would end the annoying buying of refills. However, I was amazed when it arrived, it must be the most beautiful pen ever made, such a great finish, so compact when closed, and just the right size when opened. The titanium nitride coating looks just like gold, but is much tougher, of course. And naturally the pen writes at least as smoothly as the ordinary Space Pen I have.

    Now my wife has another goal, trying to use up all the ink before she dies (she is 74)!

  10. I’m buying a Mars pen with my Amazon gift card for $77 shipped. Looking forward to the new toy!

  11. I have been using my Mars pen for the last two years. It is sturdy , smooth and writes on any surface. I never have to worry about the ink being exhausted . Wonderful experience .

  12. I have my Mars pen right here with me. I knew this girl that worked at Fisher for a lot of years. She was always bringing pens home. When she left me I took all the pens I could find. I must have 30, at least. The Mars pen is Probably the most expensive one. By the way my pocket clip comes off. I also have a couple cool ones that were just promotional items. One has the Wonder woman logo on it. Another I have has the Seinfeld logo on it. That’s probably my favorite one. I guess my only complaint is that every pen comes with medium black ink. I prefer bold. So I have to buy extra cartridges and now I have an abundance of medium black laying around.

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