Keep your data safe with a Data Locker drive

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datalockerThe Data Locker from Origin Storage is a device that combines a external USB hard drive with an added layer of security. It has a touch screen interface that can be programmed with a password of up to 18 digits. There’s also a self destruct response feature if it detects a brute force attack. There are 160GB, 320GB and 500GB versions available with 128 or 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption.

2 thoughts on “Keep your data safe with a Data Locker drive”

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  2. These drive+keypad things are a good idea, in theory, because they protect you from keyboard sniffing. In practice, though, they’re not very secure.

    Even if you could remember a random 18-digit numeric password (which you can’t), it would only offer 54 bits of security, best-case, so the whole 128/256-bit AES thing is marketing nonsense.

    Lenovo makes a similar model, which, unfortunately, I own. I took it apart. Based on the chips on the circuit board, it looks like they store the AES key (which may or may not be encrypted) in a non-volatile memory chip on the circuit board. The kind of chip you can de-solder and read.

    Before I bought the Lenovo, I emailed the Data Locker people. As I recall, it’s implemented the same way.

    Probably better to use TrueCrypt ( for free.

  3. Adam,
    Just to clairfy. DataLocker drives to not store any keys in plaintext or in non-volatile RAM. All AES keys are encrypted with “key encrypting keys”.

    Jay Kim

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