BookArc MacBook stand

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twelvesouth-bookarcMore companies have been producing accessories that attempt to seamlessly integrate with the functionality and aesthetics of Apple’s MacBook line (that “Mac Factor”), such as the mStand.  Behold the BookArc from Twelve South, which lets you to “turn your laptop into a desktop.”  The BookArc holds your MacBook in a vertical orientation providing a smaller footprint than many laptop stands.  Made of steel for a solid base, it sits on soft silicone footpads to avoid scratching your desk surface.  Each unit includes three interchangeable silicone cushions designed to give flexibility to firmly grip all current sizes of MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.  Also claimed is an increase in computing speed, with the idea that operating with the MacBook closed will cause it to dedicate 100% of its video memory to the external display, rather than splitting it with its internal display.  One observation is that this sexy-looking little device appears to be predicated on owning an external monitor that you can connect to your MacBook.  It is available for $49.99 and with free shipping as of this writing.

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