Now THIS is flatware…

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If you’ve ever packed for a hike, camping trip, or other activity in which saving precious space is paramount, you know how difficult it can be.  Behold Fozzils ThinkFLAT!  Part origami, part tableware, each item–be it bowl, cup, spoon or otherwise–can hold hot liquid without leaking, but can be collapsed completely flat.  Made from durable and recyclable polypropylene, these items are lightweight and washable.  Available in a wide range of shapes, colors, sets and prices–see the Fozzils site for additional info.

4 thoughts on “Now THIS is flatware…”

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  2. Looks like an updated version of the Orikaso fold-flat line which offered versions with plastic snaps, or alternately a set that more akin to origami.

    Hmm, the Orikaso site seems defunct.
    Here’s an older review (2006)

    and a reference to the snap equipped set (2005)…

  3. I’ve got a couple chunks of the Orikaso stuff- like the mug I carry in my gear bag along with my titanium spork. Nice stuff! Easy enough to use and clean, tough, and takes almost no room.

  4. Mark Adkins – Do you actually carry it around with you as part of your daily gear, or is this more for hiking, etc?

  5. orikaso is easier to clean than fozzils (around clips) and orikaso does not rely on snaps that don’t work in very cold weather so it depends on how lazy you are about assembly, I prefer the bigger bowl original orikaso + no leaks at the clips but remember both are not great at insulating hot food so careful holding or especially on your lap, ouch!

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