Guaranteed to de-clutter your workspace


Well, OK, maybe not guaranteed, but it might be a good start.  If you’re in need of de-cluttering (and we know who we are), check out the USB Drink Warmer with 4-port USB Hub from Vat19.  Although this is another of those gadgets which has been subtlety named to disguise its functionality, for the sake of completeness, this little multi-tasking gem includes: USB powered, 122-140° F drink warmer plate, (4) USB 2.0 hubs, backlit LCD display with alarm clock and heating element temperature display.  Available for $16.95.  De-clutter away!

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  • Jonathan Cohen August 16, 2009, 5:38 am

    I bought a similar warmer, and it warmed up, but never warmed the coffee.

    The problem? Most coffee mugs have a bit of a rim or lip on the bottom of them, meaning the porcelain surface next to the coffee is never actually in touch with the hot plate.


  • Gregory August 17, 2009, 3:25 pm

    Wait you want me to put a heating element a bunch of cables and my normal bundle of overflowing paper all next to each other in my work space. I am just seeing fire hazard here, especially when you forget to turn it off and the cat gets on the desk to take a look at the new toy.

    Thanks again for the info.

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