Multi-tool with a wrench – Spyderco Byrdrench


The Spyderco Byrdrench is unlike any multi-tool that I’ve seen before. The tool’s housing is two stainless halves that join creating slip joint pliers (with a large or small bite) on one end and an adjustable 9/16” crescent wrench on the opposite end. Other tools include a knife, file, hole starter and a bit housing that can accept any standard 1/4″ sized bit including Allen and Torx® wrenches. Four screwdriver bits are included. It has a price tag of $129.95.

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  2. I have owned the Byrdrench’s nearly identical predecessor, the Spyderench, for several years. Despite the exotic looks this is a clever and practical design.

    Unlike most multitools, the crescent wrench, slip-joint pliers, and knife are as good having a standard tool of each type. The plier handles even unfold and lock straight to provide better leverage for the wrench.

    I have only two complaints about my Spyderench:
    1) The regular pliers are not as well-suited to my needs as the needle-nose pliers found on most multitools.
    2) Getting out the bits is not quick or simple.
    The first won’t apply to everyone and the second is fairly minor. Overall this is an excellent multitool.

  3. How am I supposed to explain to my three sons and one son-in-law why I am getting one of these for Christmas and they are not? I feel badly for them, but as I always say, “oh, well.”

  4. i had one of these, years ago (possibly the “bigger brother” – it had a different blade…). it was the most useless multitool i ever had, and i have different kinds of leatherman and gerber MTs. there is a good chance to loose the bits for the screwdriver and the little file was the first thing that got unuseable the was lost and it took almost a year to get a replacement here in central europe…
    true it looks nice, but there are better and cheaper ones on the market…

  5. I do have a “simple” knife from Spyderco for more than 10 years now. Used heavily, still sharp and almost no used look. Certainly a great multitool to check out and compare to a leatherman.

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