Be a Jedi with the Star Wars Force Trainer

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Marcus Wright sent me an email this morning telling me that his son is going ‘mental’ over the Star Wars Force Brain Trainer game. The game will allow you to move a Jedi Training Remote ball up and down the Training Tower…with the power of your mind!  The innovative wireless headset can actually read and interpret your brainwaves. Concentration generates Beta brainwaves that are translated by the headset into a digital signal.  This signal is sent wirelessly to the Training Tower, making the Jedi Training Remote ball rise and fall. If only this type of toy would allow me to learn to wash the dishes, vacuum the carpet and mow the grass with just my mind. Apparently it won’t be available until September, but has it for pre-sale. Hefty price tag for a kid’s toy though at $214.65.

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  2. Not a Jedi trainer but you might check out the Mattel version the “Mindflex”game. I saw this being shown at the San Diego ComicCon and got to talk to one of the engineers of the game. It looked like fun especially as a group or party toy/game though only one person can play at a time. Granted the Jedi versions headset looks sexier and the Mattel version looked a bit bulky I heard that the Jedi version was having more performance issues than the Mattel version. Also its available for presale at Amazon for 79.99.
    P.S I don’t work for Mattel ,but I do know some people who work for them.

  3. If this device allows the mind to make dem Benjamins involuntarily leap out the ATM then we could all afford it!

  4. I saw something with similar technology to this at the Wired Expo two years back. You put this band around your head and the other player did the same and then you battled it out to move a ball across a goal. It was really neat everyone was trying it.

  5. i have just bought it. Anyway if its so cool why is there a fan lifting it up Please explain that …… the fan seems to move the ball up NOT! the brain waves . WASTE OF MONEY!

  6. Yes, teh fan blows the ball up. It is the signal from the headset that triggers the fan to blow. Apparently the brainwaves determine what signal is sent. (Duh, its not really levitation by using the Force….)

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