Flipside 2 – A leather wallet alternative

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Back in February, I told you all about a polymer and aluminum RFID shielding wallet called the Flipside. The makers of this product listened to your comments to that original post and comments from their customers, and have come up with the Flipside 2. This new version is thinner, smaller and easier to use than its predecessor. Now only 5/8″ thick, the Flipside 2 has a redesigned button/locking mechanism that is much easier to operate and more reliable. It also has improved card slots that are ‘grippier’ and more minimal, allowing more finger room to slide cards out easier. It is available for $39.95, and comes in 3 stylish colors–Stealth, Avalanche, and NEW Orange Crush. They plan to send me one to review, so stay tuned 🙂

10 thoughts on “Flipside 2 – A leather wallet alternative”

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  2. I rock the white one… & love it. It truly makes life easier – not to mention it fits in the smallest of clutches, and I don’t have to fumble getting my ID out.. EVER. Plus… it’s stylish 😉
    I give it my thumbs up – and highly recommand.

  3. Julie, has there been any talk of “upgrading” people who bought the first model and offered “constructive comments” to aid in the design of the new one? *hint, hint, wink, wink*
    I’ve been using mine for several months now and also find that the latch on that one is “lacking”. I sometimes have issues with sliding money into the area deisgned for it. (the plastic flap sometimes is not very user-friendly)
    I’ll be interested in seeing your review on the latest model.

    1. @Mark No, no mention of an upgrade path for the wallet 🙂 They are going to offer a few for a BIG giveaway that I’m planning to announce very soon.

  4. *slips Julie a few pieces of paper with pictures of presidents on them*

    oh? big giveaway? is there a list I can be put on? *wink, wink* 😀

  5. I joined the mailing list they have on thier website a while back, and a few weeks ago got an e-mail notice from them saying they released 2.0, and got a black one. I can say it is very cool–thin, small, carries what i need, and can’t tell you how fun it is to watch it flip itself open when you push the button.

    Another plus is the enclosed design–now stuff can no longer fall out of my wallet, leaving me to wonder where the heck my debit card might be, or that 20 dollar bill i had a second ago lol.

    Definitely recommend!

  6. i bought the white one also and i love it!!!!! its really is pretty darn handy and simple to use! i recommand it to everyone!!!!!!

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