Make grilling easier with the EZ Grill

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There aren’t too many things that taste as yummy as a freshly grilled burger or hotdog on a warm summer day. Strangely, I have a charcoal grill in my garage that has barely been used though. Every time I think about using it, I change my mind because I don’t want to drag it out and clean it up afterwords. The EZ Grill is a product specifically for lazy people like me. It’s a 100% recyclable disposable instant grill that is great for summer beach gatherings, camping, dorm and apartment dwellers. The grill comes complete with foil pan, grill grate, stand and 100% natural charcoal without the additives, chemicals and fillers associated with traditional charcoal. EZ Grill’s all-natural ingredients include carbon from rice, corn and wheat stalks, corn starch for binding and mineral oil for ignition. It is supposed to light with just one match and consistently cook for up to 1 ½ hours post ignition. The EZ Grill is available in regular size (1.81 lbs) and party size (3.31 lbs) for $4.99 and $9.99, respectively. It can be purchased at Winn-Dixie stores and at Who is up for a cookout?

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18 thoughts on “Make grilling easier with the EZ Grill”

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  2. Interesting that the product shot show the grill on what is presumably one of those cheap plastic tablecloths. I’m going to guess that it’s probably *not* heat-insulated….

  3. I don’t know about this one. A throw away grill? Recyclable? I still think it would end up in the land fill. And the coals are way too close to the grid. Black outside, raw inside. Too much greenwashing from companies these days. I’d go with something like the Keg-A-Que instead. Small, portable, and you can still use a “green” charcoal.

  4. Guys – these have been around in the UK for years. Seriously AVOID at all costs. You get intense heat for about 25 minutes way too close to the meat to cook it without cremating it then it goes cold – and the ‘integrated grill grate’ is like chicken wire guaranteed to bond itself to whatever you’re cooking.
    You can rip off the grill grate and place the whole thing inside your normal BBQ adding additional charcoal but really what’s the point.

    1. @marc Bummer… I guess I just need to stop being lazy and get out my kettle style charcoal grill the next time the craving for cow hits me. 🙂

  5. I have used this in the UK too, with NO issues whatsoever (they aren’t all natural here though I am sure, the natural one may be even better). It helps to know HOW to cook on a barbecue!! Cooked fat juicy burgers and they were cooked perfectly with no hint of black on the outside, so if you want a quick barbecue they work just fine!! Recommended! It’s just so unfortunate that very few brits know how to handle a BBQ successfully!

  6. And at the other extreme end of the charcoal grill spectrum, check out the German Grill. Let us know when you decide to get serious.

  7. MARC:
    On the plus side if ever your camping and don’t wanna use up all your propane, the disposable barbies are great for cooking your Jacket Potatoes on, they aren’t as bad as you think!
    I like Richard have had no issues with using these Barbecue’s either, I used to be a Grill Chef in a pub chain and these barbecues are better than some of the grills I had to use in some places I worked!

    Dan Pringle

  8. To be honest, you can’t beat a proper BBQ, however these are great to take on a picnic, take down to the beach or even just in the garden at home to cook up a few burgers!

    Easy, quick with no mess and no fuss. I was in ASDA (I think known as Wal-Mart in the U.S) and saw one of these for £5 (about $7) with all the natural charcoal etc and was tempted to get one, just for the ease of use.

    I’d recommend them!! And, with temps reaching 25 degrees in the UK today, I’m off for a BBQ! 🙂

  9. This is a great idea as I hate using the park’s grills. I love the fact that we are saving some trees and it doesn’t cost me a fortune! I have used them before and found them fantastic and so easy! Did some great steaks on them from the recipes!

  10. I love this type of stuff. its like ruffing it, without the rough 🙂 I have a foodgadget blog and this is the type of stuff I like to post about. I think its just neat. More food gadgets! 🙂

  11. The Ezgrill is truly a very good BBQ and great for all occasions
    Camping, Balconies, Picnics,Ggarden, Parks and Beaches.
    The only truly portable BBQ which is very economic and can be recycled, you don’t even have to clean it!…all at a great price.
    That is why you should get an Asado Grill. The Asado Grill is designed specifically to hold the Instant BBQ
    This means you can use the Ezgrill on any surface in style and without the fear of burning the ground or tables.
    The light Chrome stand is very strong and can be assembled in seconds to hold the Instant BBQ

    If you use the Ezgrill then I would get an Asado Grill
    Apparently they ‘STEAK’ their reputation on it! LOL

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