No strings attached with Adesso’s new wireless keyboard

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Adesso has just unveiled the WKB-3100 compact wireless keyboard. It has an integrated optical trackball and a range of up to 30 feet. The size is nice at less than 12 inches wide.

Do you use a wireless keyboard? I don’t see a need to use one with my desktop since I don’t move the keyboard around enough to justify one. But, I can see the need for using one with a HTPC setup. The integrated trackball makes this one look especially attractive to me.

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6 thoughts on “No strings attached with Adesso’s new wireless keyboard”

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  2. Speaking of wireless keyboards, does this one work with a RF dongle in the target (pc) or is it bluetooth?

    I have bought three keyboards for PDAs/Smartphones and today none of them are supported because of drivers. I bought the TOTB with palm’s (cough, cough) universal connector for my Tungsten T, I bought the IR keyboard for my Treo 650 then I bought the bluetooth keyboard (which iGo stopped writing drivers for so I can’t use it with my Palm Pre). No more wireless keyboards unless they are open source where anyone can write a driver.

  3. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse at home and at work – and I only have a MacBookPro! I find myself leaning back at the office with the large screen, and if there are others looking on, they need to see, so I can pull back and control things without getting in their way. The tiny Apple wireless keyboard is almost exactly the size of the size and layout of the laptop, so there is no mental “switching penalty” when moving from one place to another.

    Now, if they’d just allow this thing to pair with my iPhone, so I could just carry it around for longer emails while on the go!

    I’m a bit put off by RF devices – not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve already got a perfectly good wireless antenna: Why should I have to give up a USB port for another? And what happens when three or four folks pull those things out in a coffee shop? Is the pairing as secure as with bluetooth? I’ve been using BT for 4-5 years now, and not having to remember to pull out and pack a dongle has been quite nice.

  4. The wireless Apple keyboard works great with my Nokia N95 8GB. Once paired, I just turn the keyboard on and start typing text messages. Flawless!

  5. I use one of my MacBook Pros as a family room computer/media center connected to our LCD TV. I first used an Apple Wireless BT keyboard and a bluetooth mouse which had difficulty with lagging behind. Then I was about to purchase a Logitech mini-BT keyboard and mouse and I came across a software program called BlueMaemo for my Nokia N810. It uses the N810’s touchscreen like a touchpad to control your mouse, and you can pull up a virtual onscreen keyboard, or use the N810’s slide down keyboard to input text and other keystrokes. Simply put, it’s quite amazing!

    If any of you out there own an N810, try out BlueMaemo. I do have slight lagging whenever I use its mouse functions. But, I think that has more to do my MacBook Pro whenever it is connected with more than one BT device. I use BT stereo speakers connected to the MBP when watching some movies or Hulu shows as not to wake anyone up late into the night which is when there is heavy lagging using BlueMaeo or any input device for that matter.

  6. Hi there!

    Im making a universal appeal!
    I also bought the apple wireless keyboard for my N95 but I cant use any special characters like “é, á, ê, â, ñ, î, í, ô, ç” etc.. to write in Portuguese.
    Im sure a lot of people around the world have the same problem in their own languages.
    I made an exhaustive research on the internet to find any kind of solution but zero answer.
    I’ve been using the keyboard so far and its a fantastic experience to use it for make notes in a classroom for example.
    The only problem is the accents. With that it would be just perfect!
    So please if you know any answer to that issue let me know.


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