The Gadgeteer needs a new logo!

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drawinghandsI’m looking for a graphical guru that would like to volunteer their talent and time to help me come up with a cool new logo for The Gadgeteer. This site will be 12 years old soon and has gone through some major changes in the last few months. We converted over to WordPress from a custom content management system that Rob had written from scratch and we added six new team members (Claire, Andy, Bill, Smythe, Rosie, and David) to my already excellent group of writers (Mark, Ryan and Dave).

But now the site needs a fresh coat of paint and that includes a new logo. Let’s take a trip down the gadgeteer logo memory lane.


I created this one myself – can’t you tell? 😉 It actually featured animated gears. This was back in the day when animated gifs were actually cool…


I had a contest to come up with a new logo and this is the entry that won. It has pretty much stayed with the site ever since. The gears in the original version of this logo even rotated.


This was the logo that we used in the banner for the forums. It was one of the entries in the same logo contest as mentioned above.


Same basic logo with a little modification…


Same font, minus the gears.


The current logo after our migration to WordPress.

If you think you have some good ideas and would like to see a logo that you created at the top of this site, drop me an email and let’s see what we can come up with 🙂

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12 thoughts on “The Gadgeteer needs a new logo!”

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  2. Hi! I’d be interested in giving it a shot. Please take a look at my blog for some examples of my work.

    While it doesn’t really feature any logo work I’ve done, it does give a good overview of my talents. There is one logo design I feature on my blog but you’ve got to look for it. Look under the 2009 entries and it should be the last entry on the page. It’s a logo for a Christian film company called “Sunday Rising”.

    I fully understand that you might get quite a few responses so I understand if you go with someone else. Still, it’s a nice opportunity to try!


  3. See no limit to the design! Men , women any age group reflecting information in many gadget items (but limited to what you think is best to review!) Could reflect teamwork ageless design and purpose. It that the idea? Do you bring out the “magic” of technology? Celtic roots or Minoan?
    Have a great time working this out!

  4. I want to thank the people that have already emailed me logos that they must have created this afternoon… But please don’t spend time working up ideas without emailing me first as I have definite input in what I want in a new logo. 🙂 I’m really looking for something very simple. Other logos that I see as inspiration are the logos for twitter, Gmail, meebo, YouTube, Feedburner, LEGO and flickr. Mainly a graphical treatment for ‘the gadgeteer’, with just a touch of extra graphics. I actually still love the logos from 1999 and 2002. 🙂

  5. @julie I totally agree I like them because they’re simple yet pleasing to the eye. I also really like the ’98 one

  6. Julie:

    Now that you raise the subject, gears are 19th century. The logo should contain a graphical display of 21st century gadgeteering. Run through photos of the products you’ve been reviewing lately to find a 21st century look.

    Regards to the Gadgeteer Kid. Mother’s Day shopping will be hell for him for the rest of his life.


    Cliff Tuttle
    Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk

    1. @Cliff That’s why I really don’t want much (if any) images integrated into the logo. If it’s just a text treatment, it really won’t go out of style. Although, I still love gears 🙂

      As for the Gadgeteer Kid, he’s not mine 😉 Dave Rees wrote the LEGO post.

  7. The 1999 version will always be my favorite; I say make that the base and let a designer run with it! 😀

    Can’t wait to see the new designs, though…

  8. Ah… simplicity! In my own mind, I see the big gear of today’s logo being turned into a giant G with teeth on the rounded sides- shown at an angle like the logo’s gear, and the words ‘the gadgeteer’ in a similar but slightly ‘fresher’ font going through it.

    The G itself would be distinctive, and can be used with the words under it, around it, etc. depending on the situation. Black caps with the G-gear logo in a silvery thread would be cool!

    1. @Mark Interesting idea. I now have at least one true graphic artist that has volunteered to help me (of course he’s doing all the work), so stay tuned 🙂

  9. Personally, I think your current logo looks sharp(est of all). Kudos to whomever designed that one. And … looking forward to the new one.

  10. Cool Idea! I just asked my friend @enked to design a logo for my blog. I’ll be putting it on mu blog by tomorrow!
    Hope you also find some loyal friend to design a logo for you!
    Oh! and a must mention that we never met in real life, we are just twitter friends 😛

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