Make your own solid state drive with a CF card

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This 2.5 inch enclosure from Sans Digital allows you to replace a 2.5 inch SATA drive in a laptop with a solid state drive. Just pop in a compact flash card (up to 32GB) and you’re all set to enjoy the benefit of a system with less heat, less power consumption, noiseless and shock resistant.

8 thoughts on “Make your own solid state drive with a CF card”

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  2. Another thing that would be useful for is setting up CF card boot devices for embedded systems/appliances. (Like my home-built firewall.)

  3. If you need to pay around $200 for the dual compact flash, and then around 70*2=$140 for 2 32 GB CF drives… and end up paying $340… why not buy a 120GB solidstate drive for around $370, or less for a 60GB one? (Prices found on pricegrabber)

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