Message in a Memory Card and Photochaining

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Have you guys heard of Photochaining or the Message in a Memory Card project? Both are similiar in that people save pictures to a memory card and then leave the cards in public places for people to find and view. The Photochaining concept is more along the lines of geocaching, in that people describe where they left the cards. The Message in a Memory Card project is more geared towards creating a visual message with the pictures left on the card. Either way, I think that both of them are cool projects. It makes me want to come up with a similar idea, but with gadgets. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Message in a Memory Card and Photochaining”

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  2. I agree. Whenever a gadget is sent to you for review, just review it and then leave it in a public place. Somewhere near my house.

  3. If you are going to start leaving gadgets around, make sure to email me where to find them. One can NEVER get enough gadgets!!!

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