Lord British of Ultima Fame Then and Now

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I just received word of a new series on VBS.tv called Motherboard. They are featuring a 3 part piece on Richard Garriott (aka Lord British). He earned $150K on his first video game as a teenager and went on to create the Ultima video game series in the 80’s. I remember playing Ultima on my C64! These videos talk about his latest game, his mansion and his trip into space (for reals, not virtual). Check it out, fun stuff.

8 thoughts on “Lord British of Ultima Fame Then and Now”

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  2. It’s a pity that Tabula Rasa was so mediocre. I had it on pre-order and cancelled it after playing the open beta for a few hours. And now the game itself is slated for closure on Feb 28th.

  3. I remember hearing about the parties he had at his place – and the pile of crap that Tabula Rasa eventually turned into. I’d still have to say that the last Ultima ‘trilogy’ (6, 7, 7 part II) were among the best in the series…. not that it stopped me from buying Ultima IX.

  4. Man, I’m old! Used to play the original series with cloth map close by & lose hours of homework time exploring. Ahhhhh, those were the days.

  5. Used to play Ultima I, II and III for hours on my Apple ][+. Whenever I hear Toto on the radio or Genesis, it brings me right back. Those were the good ol’ days indeed.

  6. Just for a bit of added geek cred, he glued a Travel Bug onto a part of the International Space Station (with permission!) as one of the most unatainable geocaches ever!
    (See geocaching.com if the terms above are unfamiliar.)

  7. Hey, I remember the days of the old school Ultima. I used to have the floppy disk versions and STILL have the cloth maps from the first 2 games. I own all the old school Ultima games still. Pitty they never let him make UO2 or UOAX, UO was great for it’s day but just too dated now, if UO2 or UOAX ever came out I’d probably still be playing.

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