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Laptop Lifts are self-adhesive stick-on feet that will lift your laptop to allow better air ventilation. They are only $19.95, which isn’t bad. But I’m wondering… how many of you aren’t opposed to sticking things to your laptop? My Macbook Pro has stickers all over the top, but sticking feet on a laptop isn’t something I’d do. Yes, I’m weird that way…

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  2. I have been using my laptop lifts for over 2 months now and just love them. They do what they said they would do, which is rare these days.
    I have them on my Dell 620 laptop, I work out in the field on job sites usually on a make shift tables and the Laptop lifts help to keep my computer clean and safe. Most of the time the enviorment is very warm so the lifts actually allow for proper air flow helping to keep my machine cool.
    In short buy this product, for the price you can’t go wrong. I have just bought them for all of my field technicians.

  3. I wish I could use such things on the macbook. which is NOT a pro, and moreover, happens to be the first gen of macbooks that hit the market in 2006.
    the thing gets so damn hot that it melts no matter what I’m trying to stick underneath.
    I had to settle for a StarTech aluminum radiator plate in the end. the “lap” part of this laptop is definitely out of question.

  4. Hi Andix,

    My macBook (Pro) is a first gen from 2006. It is on 24/7 and is 125F (52c) in places – just at the limits of what I can touch. The adhesive that I chose is acrylic – not the gummy type that you may get in a hardware store. It is very durable and resistant to heat. I just did a test here that I will post on YouTube. I heated a metal plate up to 240 F (116 c) and the Laptop Lifts still held on. If your computer is that hot you have big problems!

    Although I have not really marketed them this way, Laptop Lifts do allow relief when using the computer on my lap. They provide just enough of an island to rest on my legs so that I don’t burn my self.

    If they do not work or if you are not happy with them just let me know through the website. Return them with a receipt and I will give you a 100% refund.

  5. I’ve found these rubber lifts very useful because they’re easy to install and give me more confidence to take my laptop to different places. I’ve installed them on my Dell and Mac laptops and they’ve worked as advertised. The lifts protect my laptop when I’m doing mobile work at cafes with wi-fi connections. It’s nice to know my laptop is protected against coffee spills and pastry crumbs. I enjoy the peace of mind the product provides.

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