Laptop Graffiti

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I was cleaning out one of my desk drawers this morning and came across some cool stickers that I’d forgotten all about. One thing led to another and now…

laptop graffiti 1 tn
laptop graffiti 2 tn
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Now I want more stickers! :o) When I was a kid, I was a sticker maniac. The door to my room was plastered with them. After I moved out, my Dad had to replace the door because he couldn’t scrape them all off. Anyone else remember back in the 80’s when shopping malls had those little sticker shops in the center aisles?

Have you also decorated your laptop with stickers? I’m not talking the special ones you can buy that are made especially for laptops, I mean just random sticker craziness. I went to Flickr and did a search on “laptop sticker“. Now I’m obsessed. Happy weekend everyone! :o)

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