Sena Apple (2G) iPod Touch Leather Cases Review

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I recently upgraded from a first to second generation iPod Touch with more capacity. Surprisingly, many of the cases I had for my original Touch fit my new iPod. But sadly not perfectly….. So, I decided to try a few cases specifically fitted for the second generation Touch. Sena was kind enough to send me their LeatherSkin and UltraSlim cases for my new Touch.


Sena LeatherSkin Case for the 2G iPod Touch


Sena’s LeatherSkin case is very well made, constructed of a full grain, top quality European Napa leather. The case I received is the Croco Black version and like the name implies, the leather has a faux crocodile texture. The case is nicely finished and well stitched. This open-faced case allows easy access to the screen and home button. Sena also engineered an opening for the backlight sensor.


Sena includes the LeatherSkin case, removable ratchet beltclip system, and soft protective bag.


The case is very form fitting, adding little additional bulk to the sleek and slim Touch. Although, this does sacrifice padding as a means of protecting the device against a fall.


Sena engineered a left-side cut out allowing access to the Touch’s volume controls.


The top of the case allows access to the power button. The Touch is held securely in place by a strap that goes over the top and snaps to the back of the case.


The bottom of the LeatherSkin case allows access to the iPod connector and earphone ports. The case leaves the Touch exposed on all the edges. If you are not careful it could definitely be damaged or marred if dropped.


Sena engineered the ability to easily add (or remove) a belt clip with their Removable Ratcheting Belt Clip System.


I doubt I will ever wear my Touch on my belt. But it is nice to have the option to do so if i’d like….

The Sena LeatherSkin case comes in seven colors; black, white, red, orange, tan, croco black, croco red, and pink.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch for the iPod Touch


The Sena UltraSlim Pouch is very similar to the LeatherSkin in terms of quality of materials and workmanship. However, unlike the LeatherSkin, this slipper case is designed to protect the Touch while in transit versus during use. The cases very slim design adds almost no bulk to the Touch. The pouch protects (a majority of) the device from getting scraped or scratched while in a pocket or purse, but provides little or no protection from a drop. Obviously once the Touch is out of the case, all bets are off…..


The horizontal pouch protects the Touch’s front, back and approximately 80% of the sides. The stitching is nice and will definitely standup to everyday use.


You can listen to music while the Touch is in the case by inserting the device top first, leaving the iPod connector and earphone port exposed.


The Sena UltraSlim pouch comes in five colors; black, white, red, tan, and pink.

Both of these Sena cases are made of fine European leather, individually hand-crafted, and compare well with cases that cost a lot more. They might not be quite up to Vaja’s styling or Orbino’s leather quality, but they are very close at half the price and definitely worth considering.


Product Information

Price:$42.00 and $29.99
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Hand-crafted in full grain, European Napa leather
  • Well fitted for the Touch
  • Great minimalistic protection
  • Reasonably priced
  • Little fall/drop protection

2 thoughts on “Sena Apple (2G) iPod Touch Leather Cases Review”

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  2. I’ve purchased 3 iphone cases (2 3G cases, and one the classic iphone case) and I’m very pleased with the them. However, when I inadvertantly a wrong color button on the SENA dropdown menu when ordering, I had to return one of the cases for a refund. It’s been 3 MONTHS and I still haven’t received any refund, no e-mails, or notices. I’ve called SENA……….it’s always busy, I’ve e-mailed them, no reply. Apparently, they’ve decided not to refund me.

    In summation: Great case and price, TERRIBLE customer service. Next time I’ll order the SENA case through the Apple iphone accessories web-site, or I’ll buy a case from another company.

  3. I have to disagree with the comment about terrible customer service at Sena. I’ve had issues with one of the Sena cases I purchased. Sena Customer Service was on top of it. I received a reply to my email in less than 24 hours. They sent out a replacement case within a week. When I contacted them a second time with regards to the replacement case giving me problems, not only did they send me a new style case, they also sent ANOTHER of the original case! They definitely stand by their product. FYI The belt clip failed on my first case. If you plan on using the belt clip, I would suggest ordering the case with the belt clip pre-assembled. Basically, they glue the belt clip knob on to prevent it from coming loose. Sena is definitely a company you want to support and do business with.

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