Gadget Day at my Day Job

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At least once a year  I clean out the shelves and drawers at Gadgeteer head quarters (otherwise known as my basement office). I sack up all the items that I’ve reviewed but haven’t continued to use and bring them to my day job at Cummins. I stack everything up on a table behind my desk and wait for the aroma of free gadgets to drift through the building. Within minutes a crowd usually gathers as people start sifting through the goodies.


Sorry for the really crummy picture. I took it very quickly with my iPhone right after the first wave of people had hit the table. What you see there is about half of what I had originally brought in. I just figured out why this picture is so bad. I shot it through the plastic flip lid of an iPhone case that I’m reviewing today. Whoops…

By the way, that’s not me in the picture 😉 It’s someone in my team.


It’s been exactly two hours since I put everything out on the table and this is all that’s left… I bet it will all be gone before the end of the day.

Bet you wish you worked with me huh? 😉

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    1. @Jason: You want to know something crazy? I have no problem asking PR people for gadget samples, but I have an extremely hard time asking anyone for a favor 😉 I remember a few summer’s ago that I couldn’t bring myself to ask a coworker for a ride to the mechanic shop where my car was being worked on. I ended up walking from my office to the shop (less than a mile) on a 95 degree day. Yes, I’m weird 😉

  2. Boy that’s great. Even I have problem askin’ anyone for a favour, and it turns uglier when they don’t (or rather as they put it, can’t).

  3. I am definitely jealous. I am a gadget freak, and it looks like you had quite an assortment. Did you get rid of the Slappa bag?

  4. Hey Julie,

    About the flip lid that blocked your iPhone shot — You may notice that the sort of frost-colored flip lid is blurry, but some of our other colors actually give a neat color filter effect without obstructing focus (so long as no part of the engraving blocks the camera hole).

    This is a feature of the case we know can be problematic for some people, in particular anyone who takes lots of pictures.

  5. Wow, Julie your co-workers must be very happy with the extra benifits of working with such a great and neat person who is nice enough to give away gadgets! Enough of sucking up, so when do you give away stuff to your public fans? Sorry had to ask:)
    Love your site, I’m a gadget freak!!!

    1. @Ryan: You can imagine that boxing up and shipping items to all of you out there in the ether would be pretty time consuming. I do have contests on a semi-regular basis though. So stay tuned!

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