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This review was not on my to-do list. But I thought this iPhone application was so imaginative, well thought out and useful (at least to me) I had to write a quick review on it. My wife and I enjoy trying different wines, rarely focusing on any particular one. And as the story goes, we can never remember what we have and have not tried. And on those rare moments we do, we have no idea whether we liked, loved, or hated it.

jeffknuckle winelog 2

Well, Jeff Kunkle has released a very useful and imaginative iPhone application/database that enables you to keep track of all the wines you taste. Wine Log allows you to archive those wines you try and record not only the details of the wine but your thoughts and a picture of the label as well.

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The entries in the database included: name, rating, variety, winery, region, and vintage. Once entered you can search the database by name, rating, type, and variety.

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During the process of entering the wines info, you can also take a picture of its label, adding it to the databases record.


I love the fact that when my wife and I are searching the wine shelves or wine tasting somewhere, we can now look up whether or not we have tried a certain one and more importantly liked a wine before buying. Or if we are wine tasting somewhere, we can record our ‘must buys’ for when we are ready to purchase.

Wine Log is a great, inexpensive iPhone application that fills a useful niche. And at $2.99, its priced at a point that any wine drinking, iPhone owner should give it a try. I really do recommend this application.


Product Information

  • iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Great, intuitive iPhone application
  • Inexpensive
  • Integrated photo capability
  • None

7 thoughts on “Wine Log – iPhone Software Review”

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  2. Great review and looks like a great application. If I was more serious about my wine drinking I would definitely get this on my iPhone. A similar program would be useful for lunch places for corporate types as I found that I’m always visiting the same food alleys and lanes and can’t remember whether it was that sushi place that had the great california roll or THAT one over there!

  3. Wine Log is a handy app for serious wine drinkers. Thought I’d throw a pitch out there for another (mine…)… Drync Wine (

    Where Wine Log is great for taking notes, Drync is great for searching for wines and professional reviews, and tracking wines you enjoy. We search over 800,000 wines now, so the one you’re drinking is likely in the database.

    Hope the self-promo is acceptable here.

  4. I agree, Wine Log is a great iPhone/iPod app – It’s clean, easy-to-use, and the photo feature is very cool.

    You mentioned that you and your wife find yourselves searching the wine shelves. can help you find a wine pairing suggestion on your iPhone, then you could save your wines and ratings using Wine Log.

    Nice write-up!

  5. This is a well done review and I enjoy the program. I am really looking for a wine app that can sync the information to my laptp as well. Do you know of any wine programs that have this capability. I have searched but no luck. Thanks.

  6. Many appstore reviews complained that this app featured no backup, so if users upgraded or restored their iPhones, they lost all the data they’d collected.

    Any ideas how to transfer stored data from one phone to another? I followed the apple instructions on app transfer and the app made it over fine but was distraught to find all of my stored wines…POOF! Nothin! What good is this log if you caringly save entries only to have them remain prisoner in one device?

    Please tell me there’s a way of doing this! Pics and all!


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