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8 thoughts on “12 contest entries cut down to 6!”

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  2. i have been hitting refresh too often! haha. the suspense! also, i just noticed that i stupidly misspelled opportunity.

  3. The way I see is since this student (Me) isn’t in the running let the other Student get it. Hope you win Liz!

  4. Even though i am a little disappointed that i did not get into the final six (starbucks entry), i think Ryan deserves to get the Dragon. Riding around Campus on a bike with a the-gadgeteer.com joke is great. But still, Thank you HP, Buzz Corp, The Gadgeteer and Julie for giving me a chance to win the Dragon.

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  5. Steve Thomas’s submission is hard to top in both scale and effort.

    I like the fact that the plywood used in Steve’s photo can be used over and over again rather than being tossed into a trashcan as landfill fodder after the contest is over. The added benefit is “the-gadgeteer.com” as an advertising vehicle will also see repeated use.

    way to go Steve!!

  6. Thanks for the comments. Congrats to whoever wins. Anyway like Liz I am sitting at my computer hitting refresh. This is a pretty cool contest.

    FYI the gadgeteer URL will be visible in the concrete that is poured using these forms. the only problem is that it will be backwards and most of the concrete work we are doing will be covered up by drywall.

    Anyway congrats to whoever Julie picks as the winner.

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