Are you doing your part for Earth Day?

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I was given a nice little Earth Day surprise this morning when I was walking into my day job at Cummins Inc. Everyone was given a free Compact Fluorescent light bulb. In the past year, I’ve actually replaced approximately 75-80% of all the bulbs in my house with this more energy conserving type. I had a real eye opening experience after reviewing the Kill-A-Watt Electric Usage Monitor device last year. I had been wasting all kinds of power and money using the ‘old fashion’ type bulbs.

So what types of things are all of you doing today for Earth Day? Besides switching out yet another regular bulb with this new CF type that I was given today, I’m also getting ready to start testing the Solio solar charger. Look for that review soon!

3 thoughts on “Are you doing your part for Earth Day?”

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  2. I rode to my MD appointment on my bike, rather than taking the car. It was a cool, cloudy, almost raining morning, which made for perfect biking weather. Took a greenway about half the distance, which just added to the fun. The assistant took my blood pressure and noted that it was higher than it has been. When the doctor came in, he looked a bit concerned. I explained I’d riden over, and he softened somewhat, but then re-took it and the lower number was down by about 20 points, and he was a good bit happier. Then he gave me a gold star for the day for biking. 😉 It’s about 4.5 miles by car. Prolly only 3.5 or 4 on bicycle.

  3. I thought I would BBQ some baby seals over some burning tires outside my air conditioned diesel motorhome. I do have CFL lightbulbs in the home next to the kerosene heater…

  4. Paul,
    I’m not sure I would grill seals over tires. You should try mesquite brickets next time. Trust me… ;o)

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