What to do when you’ve lost your berry

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How many of you have called your own mobile phone just so you could hear it ring in order to find where you had left it? I know I have ;o) So when I heard about the Berry Locator application for Blackberry devices, I had to give a nod to the developer for a great idea…

Berry Locator is a $5 application for your Blackberry that will help you find it when you misplace it. Send an email to the phone and it will make a lot of noise so that you can find it in your house, or will cause someone to pick it up and see the message on the screen with your info. Also, if your Blackberry is GPS enabled, Berry Locator can send you an email with a map of its location. Nifty huh?

2 thoughts on “What to do when you’ve lost your berry”

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  2. Lol! I have to call myself about every other day! Tis the lot of those of us who have many gadgets. I don’t own a Blackberry, but could use this on one of my smartphones. Five buck price tag is attractive.

  3. Julie,

    Is it not possible to comment on the new gadgets linked to at the right of your home page? I wanted to comment on the Wildcharge device, but when I click on the comment link it says comments have been disabled. It seems like you can only comment on product reviews and gear diary entries. Is this correct?


    PS- My comment was that it seems like you have to add a dongle or a bulge of some kind to your device to use this, which hardly seems worth it.

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