5 gadgets that I want to buy in 2008

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Anyone else out there feel like we having a dry spell lately with releases of new and interesting gadgets? My end of the year tax induced spending spree was kinda boring. All I ordered was a Zoom H2 recorder (this is for my Ukulele Review site, but I might review it here too if there is interest), a 2nd gen Zune, ASUS EEE PC, and three phones. Wheeeeee :o) This got me thinking about what gadgets that I would really like to buy this year (the sooner, the better). Here are my top 5…

1. Ultra portable Mac laptop or tablet – I think I’d rather have a laptop instead of a tablet. I’m pretty much a keyboard person as far as data input. I suppose if Apple implemented a really good character recognition engine, I might change my mind.

2. A smartphone that I’ll like better than my Treo 680 – My mind says that I need to move on, but my heart just won’t let me ;o) Seriously, for me, the Treo still continues to work best for me.

3. 3G coverage in Columbus, Indiana – Ok, that’s not a gadget… But oh how it would make my life so much better! EDGE is so ooky… Come on AT&T, even little bitty towns like Columbus, need your love!

4. An HD camcorder that isn’t any larger than my Sanyo Xacti but is 10x better in low light. Sanyo put out an updated model, but from what I’ve read, it still doesn’t capture good video in dim conditions.

5. A new head unit for my 2006 Mazda 3 that does everything but drive for me. Actually, I don’t need a built-in DVD, but want Bluetooth, iPod integration, USB, Aux inputs, maybe XM radio, and GPS.

That’s my list, what are some of the gadgets that you guys are dreaming about adding to your collection?

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  2. All I want is a few more lenses for my new Nikon D40 that I got for Christmas (a macro lens, maybe a fisheye), and maybe (maybe) an 80GB iPod classic…my 8gb nano is getting stuffed…

  3. Yes, Julie, please review the Zoom H2. It looks very interesting to me, if perhaps a bit out of the money I can spend right now.

    How well does it work, what can you do with it?, etc.

  4. The Zoom H2 does one thing: records audio :o) It just does it (supposedly) very well. We’ll see if that is true when I am able to test it.

  5. I want a new internet tablet. I was very close to getting an iPod Touch (still might!) as I like the idea of a handheld internet tablet like device with the storage. I mean, I love Nokia (have an increasingly outdated 770) and would choose the N800 or N810, but I love 8 or 16gb choice for iTouch. Then again, Nokia has the bluetooth which would go great with my cell phone data plan (when not using a hotspot or free wifi). Oh well, the Christmas bills are knocking at my door so I may have to wait a little while longer for a new tech toy 😉

    1. If you were to find a PC with the same specs as the new Apple AirMac, then you wouldn’t want it. Apple once again has hit sub-par in the market. But unfortunately their flash and parade of ads will save them.

    2. Try any of the HTC Windows Mobile phones. I use the AT&T Tilt right now. I also suggest the Samsung Blackjack 2. These 2 are the top for gadget lovers.

    3. Tell me about it. We just got 3G, it’s nice, but only about 50% to 100% faster than 2G! But, it also eats batteries. Can’t have everything I guess. I keep my phone on 2G unless I just need it to save battery. 90% of all I need on the phone goes 2G just fine.

    4. Check out the new Canon HD corders. Nice.

    5. Ford has the new Sync ability, but still no XM or On-Star. If I could get a car (SUV/Truck/Whatever) with all 3 of those. Well then… I just hope the gov lets XM and Sirius combine to give us more ability in more cars. I believe that satelite alone has enough competition that the combo of these two would not be bad.

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