Takara Tomy Aero Soarer RC Airplane

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Here’s another indoor remote controlled airplane for those of you that have problems controlling RC helicopters. This is the Aero Soarer from Takara Tomy. Brando sent one over for me to tear up. I mean play with. :o)

tomy aero soarer

The Aero Soarer is very similar in design to the Silverlit Palm-Z RC airplane that I just reviewed.

tomy aero soarer

Package Contents

Aero Soarer plane
Handheld remote
Wall hanger

tomy aero soarer

The Aero Soarer is made of very light styrofoam material. It’s flimsier than the material used for the Palm-Z. The Aero has just one wing, whereas the Palm-Z is a bi-plane.

tomy aero soarer

The plane is powered by a rechargeable battery that is located in the mid-section of the plane.

tomy aero soarer

Here you see the propeller and tail rudder.

tomy aero soarer

Controlling and charging the plane is done through the small handheld remote control. This remote is powered by 3 AA batteries that are not included. There is a throttle and Left / Right buttons.

tomy aero soarer

To charge the plane’s battery, you connect it into the slot on the top of the remote.

tomy aero soarer

It takes a firm press to seat the battery contacts into the connector. Everytime I connected it, I was afraid I might accidently snap the body of the plane. Once the plane is connected, you just flip the switch on the remote to Charge. The Red LED will blink while the battery is charging and will turn off when complete. The plane will also beep to signal that charging is completed. The charging operation is very quick. It takes only a couple of minutes.

To fly the Aero Soarer, you just flip the power switch on the remote to On, slide the throttle up so that the propeller on the plane is twirling and then give the plane a little toss to start it flying. At this point, I’ll say that the Aero Soarer is a little easier to fly than the Palm-Z. But, it runs out of spizz way too quickly. It seems like you can get some good height for about 30 seconds or so and from then until the battery dies, you can’t get the plane to climb more than a foot or two off the floor. Per charge you can probably expect to fly the plane for maybe 5 minutes. That includes all the time that it takes to run after it after it’s crashed too.

The Aero Soarer is fun to play with, but if you want a little RC plane like this one, I’d recommend the Palm-Z instead. It’s not as fragile and flies longer and higher per charge.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Takara Tomy
Retailer:Brando Toy Shop
  • Easy to fly
  • Quick to charge
  • Fragile
  • Short flying time per charge

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  2. Actually, this toy plane is unique in that the plane itself has no battery at all. To save weight, and to help it charge as ultra-fast as it does, it uses a capacitor to store it’s charge.
    Capacitor drawbacks include an inability to hold a charge as long as a real battery. And that they tend to expend the bulk of their charge quickly during the first moments that you use them to power something.
    The PalmZ biplane on the other hand DOES have a real battery (Lithium Ion) and thus it flies longer.

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