ALL-ETT World’s Thinnest Wallets

There really hasn’t been much innovation in the modern wallet / billfold since its invention in the 1950’s. While wallets similar to what we know today have been in existence since the 17th century, it wasn’t until 50 years or so ago, that wallets with card slots were invented to accommodate a new form of currency called the credit card. These days we tend to carry around too many of these plastic cards, which causes our wallets to become way too thick for comfort. The folks at ALL-ETT have redesigned the ordinary billfold to be super thin, but with the same capacity for credit cards as the bum denting version you have in your pocket right now.

all-ett wallet

There are three versions of ALL-ETT billfolds:

The Original – Four card slots and two cash slots (one is extra deep).
European (Junior) – Two cards slots and one cash slot.
Traveller – Two card slots, one passport slot and two cash slots (one is extra deep).

all-ett wallet

I was sent a Traveller, Original, Executive Leather (same as the original wallet, but constructed with leather) and a European. Each of the three versions is available in Spinnaker cloth or leather. The cloth versions are also available in different colors depending on the wallet style (check the ALL-ETT site for availability).

Spinnaker cloth is a very strong, yet extremely thin and light weight Nylon material that is used in making sailboat sails. It doesn’t fray or crack, is water resistant and washable. Vegans might appreciate this material as no animal products are used in its manufacture.

all-ett wallet

Those of you that prefer leather wallets, will find the leather versions of ALL-ETT’s billfolds to be constructed with a fine grain Italian leather shell with the ALL-ETT logo embossed on the front. The leather versions of these wallets are thin, but not as thin as the all Spinnaker cloth versions.

Original / Executive Leather ALL-ETT

First let’s take a look at the features of the Original / Executive Leather wallets. Note: the pictures shown below are of the Executive Leather version. The design and features of the Original and Executive are the same. The Executive just has a outer leather shell. The interior slots are made of Spinnaker cloth.

all-ett wallet

At 3 3/4″ x 5″ x 1/32″ inches (empty and closed), the Original may have a larger footprint that a typical men’s wallet. However, the secret to its “world’s thinnest wallet” claim is in its design. As you can see from the image above, there are four card slots. Each slot can comfortably accommodate 5-7 standard plastic credit cards. An organization tip listed on the ALL-ETT website is to put a most used card on the top and bottom of each stack. This way you will have very quick access to your 8 most used cards.

all-ett wallet

Inside the wallet, you will find two cash slots. One is for actual dollar bills and the other works great for receipts, other papers or even photos.

all-ett wallet

The cash slot is about 3/4th the depth of the wallet. The other slot is the entire depth of the wallet.

European (Junior) ALL-ETT

If you subscribe to a more minimalist way of life, then the European version of the ALL-ETT might be a better choice for you.

all-ett wallet

In the image above, you get a better idea of what the Spinnaker cloth looks like. It’s very thin and smooth, with a slight sheen to it. I tried a few informal tests with the wallet to see how well it could stand up to abuse. First, I tried to stretch the material. It didn’t stretch ;o) Then I folded it up in a little 2 x 1 inch square and sat on it for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, when I unfolded it, it seemed no worse for the wear. A faint crease disappeared after I loaded it up with cards and cash again. In my opinion, this material is quite robust. I do have one slight problem with the Spinnaker cloth though. It’s a picky problem… I don’t care for the crackly / crinkly noise that they make whenever you pick them up, open them, etc. It gives me the impression that the wallet is made of paper.

all-ett wallet

The European has two card slots, of which each slot can hold five cards each.

all-ett wallet

Inside you will find one slot for cash.

If I were going to carry a wallet in my back pocket, this is probably the one I would choose.

The Thin Test

You all know that I’m not a guy right? Good, I’m glad that we have that fact established. ;o) As a result, I don’t tend to carry a wallet around in my back pocket. I won’t say that I NEVER put my Waterfield Design wallet in my back pocket though. Once in awhile I will, when I run into the grocery store, just so my hands will be free while shopping. Even during those short times of doing so, I have found that carrying a wallet in my back pocket is not very uncomfortable. So I really feel for you guys that do it all the time :o) Let’s see if the ALL-ETT wallets make a difference.

all-ett wallet

Here’s my Waterfield Design wallet and all the cards / cash that I carry in it. I have 20 cards (combination of plastic credit cards and thinner business cards), ten bills and a couple receipts.

all-ett wallet

Here’s the Executive Leather ALL-ETT with all my cards and cash.

all-ett wallet

And here’s the Original ALL-ETT shown with all my cards and cash. The Original does seem to be a lot thinner than the Executive wallet. The added bulk of the outer leather layer does make a difference. But how does ALL-ETT look and feel in your back pocket?

all-ett wallet
all-ett wallet

In the picture on the Left, I have my Waterfield wallet in my Right back pocket. You can definitely see a bulge from the wallet and I could feel its bulk pressing against my bun. :o) In the Right picture, I have the Original wallet (with all of the contents from the Waterfield Design wallet) in my Right pocket. You can’t even tell that it’s there just by looking. I also noticed that carrying the ALL-ETT was much more comfortable in my pocket when compared to the Waterfield. There’s a saying that the proof is in the pudding, but in this case I think it’s more appropriate to say that the proof is in the bulge. If you want one of the “world’s thinnest wallets”, ALL-ETT has what you want.


Original – $19.95
Executive Leather – $29.95
European – $14.95
European Leather – $24.95
Traveller – $19.95
Traveller Leather – $34.95


Product Information

  • Constructed of super thin material
  • Carry the same amount of stuff without bulging your pockets
  • Spinnaker cloth makes crinkly noises like paper

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  2. I don’t care for the crackly / crinkly noise that they make whenever you pick them up, open them, etc. It gives me the impression that the wallet is made of paper.

    Was this just with the all-Spinnaker cloth version, or the others too?

    Btw, this might be a reason to keep a wallet in a front pocket without it being obvious–much less chance of being pickpocketed there.

  3. The all-Spinnaker cloth versions of the wallet have a more noticable ‘melody’ than the leather covered ones. I don’t want this to sound like it’s a deal breaking problem. It’s just something I noticed. 🙂

  4. FYI, the paper crinkling noise goes away after a while of use. I’ve had my All-Ett since last April and it’s much quieter than when I first got it.

  5. Julie;21767 wrote:


    Great info! So tell us are you still liking the wallet? Which one did you get?

    I got the classic and have not looked back. My butt and back thank me. 🙂
    It is also still in great shape and wears well. Unlike my old leather wallets which usually get funky after a while.

    Here are a few pictures I took when I got it…



    Not a single scrap of paper or card was removed in the transition.

    Overhead shot (I could never find one of these when I was looking at buying, so I made one for others):

    As an aside – my father (classic), brother (Junior) and sister (Traveller) are all All-Ett converts now as well. 🙂

  6. Ok this is weird
    this is the first time I have seen a woman take pictures of her butt and ask for opinions
    seriously! weird:D

  7. Nice review – I have been using the original version for about 2 years now, and it’s held up well and I’m very pleased with it. It’s thin enough that I can carry it in my front pocket. One thing I have found is that if you only have a few cards in a pocket, they aren’t held in place that securely.


  8. Doug:
    If I were to use one of these I would pick the Junior for myself. Since I don’t carry my wallet in my pocket though, I prefer the zippered Waterfield. I’m saving the Junior for when I go on trips and don’t want to carry a bag.

    Thanks for the pics! Wow, did you actually carry your old wallet in your pocket? How were you able to sit down???

    I don’t remember asking for opinions on my butt 😉 Heheheh

    Blue Horseshoe:
    I can’t imagine trying to carry a wallet in my front pocket. But then women wear their pants much tighter than guys…

  9. I’ve been using the Junior with Spinnaker cloth for about a year now, and I really like it. It replaced a money clip with integrated credit card holder. I prefer this option for its capacity and light weight as compared to the money clip. I use the Junior for front pocket carrying. I don’t like anything in my rear pockets when I sit (not to mention being more vulnerable to pickpockets).

    I too was off-put by the crinkly sounding fabric, but like another poster, I have found that this decreased over time. I haven’t noticed a crinkle in months, but I suppose I might have gotten used to it.

    One other thing – the Junior is pretty floppy unless you have 2 or 3 bills in place to stiffen up the hinge. If you’re planning on credit card only use, it might not work that well.

    Overall – it’s fabulous with the aforementioned 2 minor caveats.

  10. I’m in serious need of a new wallet so I’m considering one of these. I do have one question though– how big are the card slots? I have one card (a laminated permit) that is slightly bigger than credit card size and it’s a tight squeeze to fit in my current wallet. Will it fit in one of these or will I have problems with it?

  11. If your card doesn’t fit well in your current wallet, you’ll have the same issue with this one… The slots are made specifically for regular sized plastic credit cards.

  12. Great review Julie. I ordered the Original this morning. Thanks ! To Lord Bodak, you can put your GUN PERMIT in the cash holder. 🙂

  13. Lex;21807 wrote:

    Great review Julie. I ordered the Original this morning. Thanks ! To Lord Bodak, you can put your GUN PERMIT in the cash holder. 🙂

    How’d you know? 😀

  14. I’ve had the Junior (now the European) for 22 months now. (Just checked Quicken; had to use PayPal, which I hate.) People are often astonished at the thinness, and it does become quiet. But it also does eventually fall apart. Threads come off the fabric.

    This isn’t really a problem. It’s still very functional, and was only $12.95 + $2.05 shipping at the time (they cost $2.00 more now). And the FAQ says you get 2-3 years from them; that’s about right. I used to get more from eelskin, but those cost a lot more too.

    If you can live without photos of your pets and family, without coupons, etc. in your wallet, this is a great way to go.

  15. The ‘Original’ I ordered last Thurs. just came. They got it from CA to VA in 4 mailing days, not bad. I like the function and thinness, but I -really- hope the crackle decreases fast. Sounds like I’m opening a state map to retrieve my wallet and remove a credit card. 😀 I know people are going to be asking me if I use a paper wallet.

  16. My Executive Leather arrived today as well– I was amazed to see it so soon. The nylon definitely crackles but I think I’ll get used to it quickly. Not sure I’d like the all-nylon one though.

    I’ve got everything in it, but I can’t really make a decision until I use it for a few days.

    If I like it, I’ll probably pick up a Traveler to keep my passport in– it wouldn’t add any builk to the passport and it’d be nice to have something to store it and a few other cards in when I travel. Probably go nylon for that one since it’s cheaper and I won’t be carrying it all the time.

  17. I ordered an Executive leather last Thursday, received it Tuesday (CA to NJ…:) )

    I had a huge Rolfs leather wallet, almost the same size as the ALL-ETT, but MUCH thicker. Same stuff in the new one as was in the Rolfs, and I keep touching my butt 😮 to make sure my wallet is still there!!! It’s so thin!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! :wow: I think I’m going to order a spare!!!! :blink:

  18. I’m in week 2 with my ‘Original’. It sounds less like a bowl of Rice Krispies now than on day 1 but still sounds like I have a paper wallet. I find myself handling it gently at the cashier so people don’t turn to look. 😮 But I’m hooked. When this one’s done I’ll order another just like it. Thanks for the lead Julie.

  19. I’m very happy with mine as well. The crackling was a little annoying at first but it seems to have gotten a bit less noisy already (and mine is leather so it wasn’t as noisy as Lex’s to begin with).

  20. I’ve read your site almost every day for the last “zillion” years. Being in Australia though many of the “gadgets” you review aren’t worth shipping “down under”.

    Let me tell you a little story. About 5 years ago I went to see a Bowen therapist ( if you don’t know about Bowen therapy check here, bascially it’s about get your body “aligned” properly ).

    She advised me that carrying my huge wallet in my back pocket was putting my body out of alignment and this may well be causing some of the problems I had at the time.

    Since then I’ve been carrying my wallet around in jacket pockets, shirt pockets, car dash …anywhere but my backpocket.

    After seeing this review I immediately ordered an Executive ( especially with the $AU so strong against the greenback at the moment 🙂 )

    10 days later , my All-Ett wallet arrived. What a great piece of kit.

    Highly recommended even if you don’t wear your wallet in your back pocket. It’s just so much more streamlined and pocketable.

  21. i have two of these and used the first one for 3 months and its now starting to wear a hole in the fold from the corner of my cards. im probably not even going to bother using the second one. the material is useless but the size of the wallet is great for making it thin in your pocket.

    i wouldnt recommend this wallet, keep looking.

  22. i got taken in by this wallet i first read about it on but although it is a great wallet for size and space, ive had two that i bought together and they don’t last more than 8 months, the stitching frays initially then the cards wear away the corners of the wallet.

    on the search for the best wallet you can find|? keep moving, this isnt it by a long stretch

  23. I’ve been using mine for almost two years and have no durability problems. Its the Spinnaker European, or as they call it on their current website, the world’s lightest sports wallet. Keep it in my front pocket. Take it in and out routinely every day. Looks like it will last a few more years, no problem.

  24. I’ve been carry one of these everyday since I saw this article. Mine looks as good today as it did the day I got it in the mail. Absolutely the best wallet I have ever owned. Highly recommended. I love this thing.

  25. i’ve had an original ALL-LETT since march 2002, thats 8 years this month. WOW, been thinking about getting a new one but its not really needed. this one is kinda fraying, small holes in the corners, but completely intact. this wallet is in my front pocket everyday for at least 8-14 hrs 365/year. THIS IS THE BEST, LONGEST LASTING “wallet” I have ever purchased. I have to rate this wallet as AAA+ for durability, comfort, and usability. cant even image another style. At first, the texture had me worried, but once i started using it, i was sold. i will be ordering another “original” in the near future. i just googled it to find out if they were still around…..thank god they are..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  26. Thanks for posting the photos, your photos are the most illustrative of the size and layout of the All-Ett wallet (even better than All-Ett’s site) that I’ve come across in my search for a thin wallet suggestion. Have ordered an Original in leather to carry about 10 cards, 3-4 bills, some business cards, and 1-2 days worth of receipts.

    I intend to put it in my front pocket sideways, that is with the long length of the wallet parallel to the floor. I’m hoping the wallet will bend between the 2 stack of cards (when the wallet is closed) to conform to the curve of my leg.

  27. I’ve been an Executive Leather ALL-ETT fan for many years. Very durable but I like it so well I ordered a spare just in case they might be difficult to get in the future.

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