What products do you want reviewed?

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Is there a product, device, doo-dad, gadget, gizmo or thingamabob that you wish we’d review here in the The Gadgeteer? Then tell me and I’ll see what I can do. Seriously, share your ideas on what you’d like to read about. As long as it’s legal and family friendly, there’s a good chance I’ll add it to my list of things to write about.

27 thoughts on “What products do you want reviewed?”

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  2. I enjoy your gadget bag reviews, have you thought of reviewing DSLR bags. I have about 5 and none of them are quite right. The Kata range appears to have quite a few new bags (I’m looking for one that will hold a Canon 20D with a 70-200mm lens on).

    Also there are the Lowepro slingshot bags (I have the 100AW which has proved OK but is too small for larger lenses but has the benefit of an all weather cover that pops out if you get caught in rain).

    Best wishes


  3. Would you consider reviewing the air mouse series. I have been looking at Logitech MX Air Mouse recently. Previously I was also considering the Gyration Go Air Mouse. However, I have never found a satisfactory review.

    It will be great if you can try them out. Thanks!

  4. There are severeal new low cost GPS units on the market. I’d like to see reveiws on those you can get hold of. It will probably be my next tech purchase.

  5. hmmm…im not THAT picky, but what i don’t wanna see reviewed is something like a usb roll-up drum-kit?…hahahahaha

  6. Hold the presses. I’ve really got a hankering to buy an HD radio, however the price has been obscene. Now there is a new device, the HD Jump which is reasonably priced and can be used both portably and an hooked toyour home system.

    I’d be very interested in what reception you’d get in a rural area.


  7. anson:

    oops! Sorry it didn’t interest you. Guess the Piano Wizard keyboard / software review that I’m working on won’t either probably ;o)


    I was interested in HD Radio when I saw them at CES in January. I don’t think I can pick up any signal here where I live though…. :o(

  8. I’d be interested in seeing a review on the HTC Touch. Or Microsoft Surface (once it becomes available later this year).

  9. pdadude42:
    I’m going to order the HTC Touch today.

    Ok, I guess since I finally have a real broadband connection, that it’s time for me to investigate VOIP.

  10. Super on the VOIP. I dumped the POTS line a while back and have not regretted it. Suggest you invest in a UPS for the broadband modem, any router and t/a.

    My service provider is $19.99 for unlimited US/Canada calls. The REAL advantage is the inclusion of all the FEATURES! If you want to know my provider, I will tell you in a PM.

    I will be looking forward to your review of anything associated with VOIP.

  11. UPDATE:
    I just ordered the HTC Touch and the Nokia E61i. :o)

    Rob is considering reviewing a VOIP phone that he recently purchased. He’s more into VOIP than I am… Which is probably because I haven’t even tried it yet ;o)

  12. Scratch the HTC Touch, I thought it was a quad band phone :o( I was wrong!!! Lucky for me that the folks at phonesource-usa.com (where I ordered both phones), contacted me asking for some extra info before shipping. I was able to cancel the item. I’m still getting the Nokia though.

  13. I would like to see your review of the HTC Kaiser. There is upgraded software for one-handed use (Agenda One) and it uses WM6, so I would be interested in how you like it compared to the TyTn you tested previously and the Treo/iPhone you currently use.

    • Joe
  14. Please do a review on HTC Touch cases. There are a few around, but from what I can see in the photos, they must have been designed by someone who had never used one. They nearly all have a strip of leather over the logo, which would make the initial activiation swipe difficult, and then they frame the screen which completely negates the flush screen with finger sensitive edges.

  15. Definately would be interested in a review on the Transcend Jetflash V90C flash drive ARV $35
    As well as the acer aspire 5102WLMi laptop ARV $600-800
    but i understand if the laptop is a bit too expensive.
    also, next month when the new iPods come out, the Nano is expected to have some big changes that might be cool to play around with…


  16. marisa8184 and joeru:
    Not sure if you saw my post about the order for the HTC Touch… I cancelled it because I was under the impression that it was a quad band. I was wrong :o( So I won’t be doing a review anytime soon of it or cases for it.

    The same place that I ordered the HTC Touch, I had also ordered a Nokia E61i. Well they mistakenly sent me the E62 (older, cheaper unit). So I had to send that back. Just received a refund yesterday, so I’ll be placing another order elsewhere. I’m more interested in the Nokia than the HTC Kaiser right now, so I’m not sure I’ll be ordering both.

    That pen scanner looks pretty cool. I think I will order one of those to review.

    Yeah, the laptop is a little bit more than I want to bite off right now. Also, I’m a Mac person, so I’d be left with a device that I wouldn’t use much. That flash drive does look interesting though… I’ll consider getting one for a quicky review.

    Thanks for all the ideas!

  17. I have seen those wooden cases, but it seems odd that you would protect your iPhone with a case that would also need to be protected ;o)

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