Is the Apple iPhone a smart phone, or a feature phone?

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What features do you all think defines a mobile phone as a smart phone? The ability to install 3rd party software? PIM features? Email? I’ve been discussing this topic with Deslock in the comment area for my Apple iPhone review, and I now I would like to hear some other opinions on the subject. So sound off!

1 thought on “Is the Apple iPhone a smart phone, or a feature phone?”

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  2. I think a smartphone iis whatever keeps you linked into your llife and organized.

    For me, the iphone iis a smartphone. It keeps my calendar, music, email, stocks, weather, maps, internet, sms, and phone. And it backs to my computer as well. Now, I could accomplish 90% of that on a Razr if I was so inclined, but not nearly as efficiently. So, the iphone does something smarter than the average feature phone in execution alone. No 3rd party apps is rough, but I think that’s a fallse standard, since it brings up two questions: 1) How many 3rd party apps do you need to qualify for “smartphone” status, and 2) A Razr could be a smartphone since I could install a whole bunch of Java apps on it, including office and productivity syncing software.

    So in my opinion i ti is execution of concept that makes a phone smart or feature, and in that respect the iphone is a very smart phone.

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