Who Else Is Going To Stand In Line For An iPhone Friday?

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If you have a date with the iPhone planned for Friday at 6pm, I wanna know about it. You know that I’ll be at my local Cingular / AT&T store (I don’t think they’ve changed the sign yet…). :o) Doubt if anyone is camping out here in good old Columbus Indiana, so I’ll just hang around after work and head over to pick one up. I was happy to hear that the data plan prices aren’t going to cost me anymore than what I’m currently paying now.

9 thoughts on “Who Else Is Going To Stand In Line For An iPhone Friday?”

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  2. Jonathan Vaught

    > I’ll be at my local Cingular / AT&T store (I don’t think they’ve changed the sign yet…)

    Might want to find a different store. According to Apple Phone Show, only stores with AT&T signs will get the iPhone love on Friday. Which is a problem for me, as I’m going to be out of town and I haven’t been able to confirm that the Myrtle Beach area has an AT&T branded store. 🙁

  3. Not going to do it for two reasons.

    1) Still in a contract with my wireless phone provider, so I am not jumping ship while I have to pay $175 to cancel.

    2) I don’t feel like $600 is a good buy.

    I’ll wait a year and see if Apple decides to lower the price, or allow AT&T to sell you the phone for $200 with a 2-year contract.

    Personally, I’d rather see an 80Gb video iPod with the sceen bells and whistles.

  4. Jonathan:

    Hmmmm… well if my local store isn’t selling them I’ll have to order online. I just tried to call the store and the number routes to an AT&T recording about the iPhone. I guess that’s a good sign. I’ll have to run by there tomorrow or Thursday to double check :o)


    I have to buy one… No choice ;o) Hopefully I’ll like it!

  5. The local store, still with the Cingular brand, is a small kiosk in a shopping mall. They are not getting any iPhones, but will order it for me and guarantee 2-day delivery. Bummer 🙁 I want one NOW!

  6. I am not saying I don’t want one. Quite the opposite.

    I’ve signed up for plenty of the contests here locally in stores, and online via the local talk radio stations.

    If I win one, I will most definitely sign up and use it. Although I would guess a freebie from a contest won’t be the 8Gb one…So I will have to trim down my music.

    But until my current Verizon contract expires, I’d be spending upwards of $900 (after taxes) to get an iPhone.

  7. Being on AT&T makes it not an option for me.

    CDMA coverage is much better in the areas I need to use a phone. If it were available on Verizon or Sprint, it would be getting a much closer look.

    I just have to hope the next (improved even!) version is available on more networks.

  8. I went to my local store last night. There was a work crew removing the Cingular sign when I got there. I can’t imagine how much money Apple / AT&T is spending for this launch!

    My store will have iPhones. There will be a limit of one phone per person. According to the sales droid, you can’t have an iPhone in a family plan. It has to be on a plan all by itself.

    She also told me that she couldn’t promise that I would be able to take the SIM out of the iPhone and put it in my Treo and expect to be able to do all data activities like browsing.

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