Microsoft, we have a problem

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Well, it appears that my Zune has a defect. I set it up this
morning and copied over about 20-30 folders full of .MP3 files.
Syncing appeared to work as expected (although a bit slow), but
when I went to listen to the music in my car at lunch, all the
songs skipped like they were playing on old vinyl records. Every
single song except the demo songs that were included with the
player skip. Weird huh? I have this same music on my iPod, so I
know they not bad files…

I was surprised that when I synced for a 2nd time, it said it was syncing some new music. I guess it didn’t do everything on the first pass. I also had problems getting my PC to connect to the Zune. It kept giving me popup errors. Argh…

I guess I’ll take it back to Walmart and
exchange for another one.

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