Lumaray FL6 2006 LED Flashlight

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The first Lumaray
flashlight I ever reviewed was last year’s
. After completing that review, I fully planned on keeping
the torch and using it for many years to come…but that was not to
be. I made the mistake of showing it to my good friend Grabb, a
detective with the Tom Green County Sherriff’s Department. He
convinced me that he needed it worse than I did.

The second Lumaray I reviewed was the FL12.
This flashlight had no sooner shown up at our house than my husband
Steve told me he wanted it as soon as I had completed the

Are you noticing a pattern here? Grrrr…

When I was contacted about doing a review for the latest
Lumaray design,
the FL6 2006, I
immediately implemented a “hands-off” policy once the new
flashlight had arrived.

“Hey, that’s a cool looking light!”

“Hands OFF!”

“Wow, that light sure is bright – can I see?”

“Hands OFF!”

You get the idea.

The FL6 2006 is an updated version of the FL6; it is similar in
design to last year’s model, but several improvements have been
made to make it an even better light. How so? Read on…

lumaray fl6 2006 1
The FL6 2006 still retails the ability to be stood on its end
and used as a lantern, or in what Lumaray calls “hands-free ceiling
bounce mode”.


Size: 7.8″(inch) x 2.25″(inch)
Weight: 5.2oz without / 12.5oz with batteries
Battery Type: 3 “C” cell (not included)
Continuous Run-Time: ~600 hours, up to 20 hours at high brightness
Brightness: ~700,000 mcd (~70 Lumens)
LED: 6 Nichia CS (white)
Beam Type: Medium focused beam up to 200′ (feet)
Switch Type: Twist bezel ON/OFF
Water Proof: Submersible up to 50′ (feet)
Box Contents: FL6 Flashlight, Instructions Manual
Warranty: 2 yr Limited Warranty

lumaray fl6 2006 2
The Lumaray may also be stood on it’s LED head; light escaped
through the arches of the LED head for a more subdued room

Perhaps the most obvious changes between the FL6 and the FL6
2006 involve the shaft and end. The length of the FL6 is 8.3″,
whereas the FL6 2006 is 7.8″…

lumararay fl6 2006 15

Instead of the formerly smooth and somewhat slick shaft, there
is now a matte textured finish with a new circular anti-grip design
incorporated into the light’s shaft.

Those of you that read my previous Lumaray reviews will recall
that the slick grip of the older design was the only con I could
find. The introduction of this new easier to handle version removes
my previous reservation.

lumaray fl6 2006 10

The base of the Lumaray has also been redesigned, and it now has
a series of holes which allow the use of a lanyard in various
configurations. Even with a lanyard passed through any of the
holes, the FL6 will still retain its ability to stand on end for
use as a lantern in a darkened room.

lumaray fl6 2006 11

The Lumaray is still composed of what their site calls “a
combination of Polycarbonate, Xenoy™ and stainless steel
contact springs”; this basically translates to a tough plastic
shell. The FL6 is available in gun metal, two-tone gray yellow,
white, and black.

The distinctively styled six-shooter cylinder LED head is back
with its tight cluster of six LED chambers, each capped with a
bulbous optical lens. There is a slight size difference between the
new version LED head and the old, meaning that the new head will
fit on older model bodies, but older heads will not work on the new

lumaray fl6 2006 3

This version is basically waterproof, as it is submergible to 50
feet – well past the 15 feet of the original.

lumaray fl6 2006 4

Other than the distinctive LED head, the second most
recognizable part of the Lumaray’s design is the cantilever
mechanism and ball joint connections positioned at the base of the
torch head which together make up the trigger unit.

Those that are used to using a Lumaray will feel right at home,
as the one handed release method is still in use. Those that aren’t
used to this system will want a refresher course:

First, the entire trigger unit should be rotated so that the
“quick release trigger pad” is no longer sitting on top of a ledge

lumaray fl6 2006 7

lumaray fl6 2006 8

Once the trigger unit is no longer locked, the thumb is placed
on one pad and the forefinger on either remaining pad.

lumaray fl6 2006 6

Using the remaining three fingers of that hand to balance and
hold the shaft of the light as you pull down on the pads with your
thumb and finger. The new trigger pads have a short rough edge in
addition to a slightly textured coating, which is also an
improvement over their formerly slick counterparts.

lumaray fl6 2006 16
Video courtesy of the Lumaray site

As before, until one grows proficient at one handed operation,
The flashlight’s end can be butted against something to help
stabilize it as the downward motion is performed. When the
cantilever system has been activated and the ball joints have been
pulled back, the LED head will be released for easy removal.

Once the head unit has been removed, the battery compartment is
revealed. As before, there are three rubber O-Rings at the top of
the shaft, with cutouts strategically placed under the the last
O-Ring so that it can slow the batteries down as they are dumped
from the tube. This design utilizes the two bottom O-Rings to
create the waterproof seal and the top O-Ring serves as a brake to
prevent the batteries from tumbling out too quickly. This is
probably a good time for me to mention that the batteries should
last for up to twenty hours of high brightness, and up to 600 hours
of continuous use.

lumaray fl6 2006 9

The head unit can be replaced by simply pushing it back in
position. The levers will retract and slide over the base of the
unit, once again securely catching on its ledge.

Now comes the fun part…we get to talk about how incredibly
bright this combination of six bright white LEDs is.

lumaray fl6 2006 12

According to the Lumaray site, “The upgraded FL6 achieves a
brightness level of ~700,000 mcd with 6 Nichia CS LED’s. Similar 6
LED flashlights only produce ~43,000 mcd. Our new custom lens
technology allows us to achieve such high brightness levels without
sacrificing power consumption. The lens also allows the flashlight
to project a truly round spotlight, unlike other LED flashlights
that tend to flare out in different directions.”

Here is a shot of the resulting beam at the end of my 37′
hallway; it’s very bright!

lumaray fl6 2006 13

As with the other two Lumaray designs, the six chambers of the
LED head are coated with a luminescent substance that allows the
chambers to continue to glow for up to eight hours after the light
has been turned off. This property is activated and charged every
time the flashlight is turned on. According to the Lumaray site,
“The glow is visible from all sides of the flashlight allowing it
to sit in any position (even facing down on the bezel) and still be
easily located.”

lumaray fl6 2006 14

Once again, a Lumaray product has impressed me with its design
and superior brightness. The FL6 2006 is a worthy improvement upon
a design that needed little. The addition of the anti-slip grip
will make this a good choice for anyone that needs to hold the
light while wearing gloves or when covered in mud. The light’s
improved water resistance will appeal to anyone that needed a bit
deeper than the 15 feet originally offered.

If you have been looking for a light that not only looks cool,
but also performs in the top of its class, then I can heartily
recommend the Lumaray FL6 2006.


Product Information

  • Three "C" Cell batteries
  • Rugged futuristic design
  • One handed battery removal and replacement
  • Waterproof and submergible to 50 feet
  • Incredibly bright six LED cluster design
  • None

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